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The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself
$18.50 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June, 2015
ISBN: 9780061733529
The relentless pursuit of high self-esteem has become a virtual religion—and a tyrannical one at that.  , Fortunately, there is an alternative to “self-esteem” that many experts believe is a better and more effective path to happiness: “self-compassion, .” The research of Kristin Neff and other leading psychologists indicates that, people who are compassionate toward their failings and imperfections experience greater well-being than those who repeatedly judge themselves, . The feelings of security and self-worth provided by self-compassion are also highly stable, kicking in precisely when self-esteem falls down. This book powerfully demonstrates why it's so important to be self-compassionate and give yourself the same caring support you'd give to a good friend. This groundbreaking work will show you how to let go of debilitating self-criticism and finally learn to be kind to yourself. Using solid empirical research, personal stories, practical exercises, and humor, Dr. Neff explains how to heal destructive emotional patterns. Through her encounters with eastern spirituality, Neff began to understand that having compassion for oneself is as important as having compassion for others: From the Buddhist point of view, you have to care about yourself before you can really care about other people. As Neff defines it,, self-compassion has three core components: self-kindness, realizing one's common humanity, and mindfulness, . Self-kindness means being gentle and understanding, rather than harshly critical of our own errors. The recognition of common humanity involves feeling connected to others rather than alienated by our suffering. Mindfulness requires “that we hold our experience in balanced awareness, rather than ignoring our pain or exaggerating it.” While exploring these three components in depth, Neff weaves in events that inform her own life, such as the “precipice of despair” she felt while struggling emotionally with her son's autism. By sharing such personal anecdotes, Neff helps readers understand how self-compassion can aid them., Neff's compassionate tone makes Buddhist principles accessible, and exercises make them applicable in real life, . "A portable friend to all readers—especially but not only women—who need to learn that the Golden Rule works only if it's reversible: We must learn to treat ourselves as well as we wish to treat others." -Gloria Steinem
red book: a reader's edition

Red Book: A Reader's Edition

By: C G Jung
$47.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Norton
Publication Date: November, 2012
ISBN: 9780393089080
The Red Book, , published to wide acclaim in 2009, contains the nucleus of C.G. Jung’s later works., This portable “Reader’s Edition” of, The Red Book, features Sonu Shamdasani’s introductory essay and the full translation of Jung’s vital work in one volume, (without the colour images), keyed to the larger facsimile volume for those who wish to follow along in Jung's illustrated calligraphic edition. When Carl Jung embarked on an extended self-exploration he called his “confrontation with the unconscious,” the heart of it was, The Red Book, , a large, illuminated volume he created between 1914 and 1930. Here he developed his principal theories—of the archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the process of individuation, —that transformed psychotherapy from a practice concerned with treatment of the sick into a means for higher development of the personality. The years when I pursured the inner images were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, the scientific elaboration, and the integration into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then. While Jung considered, The Red Book, to be his most important work, it is only now available to scholars and the general public. [The full illustrated edition] is an astonishing example of calligraphy and art on a par with, The Book of Kells, and the illuminated manuscripts of William Blake. The publication of, The Red Book, is a watershed that will cast new light on the making of modern psychology.
book of love and creation

Book of Love and Creation

A Channeled Text
$19.00 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Tarcher
Publication Date: September, 2012
ISBN: 9780399160905
This major new work of channeled literature shows readers how to develop their own intuitive abilities and continues the program of self-development begun in Paul Selig's previous book,, I Am the Word, . [state this intention] “I am now accepting that I am in dominion of all that I see before me. And everything that I see is out-pictured by my consciousness to bring me the experience that I have required for my soul’s growth.” In this bracing and tremendously practical new work of spiritual psychology, author and medium Paul Selig takes channeled teachings into dramatic new territory. In this fresh revelation, the, invisible teachers who speak through Selig actually instruct readers on how to develop their own powers of intuition, clairvoyance, and inner knowing, . I began to evolve as a clairaudient and later as a conscious channel. My guides, a consortium of beings from a higher level of consciousness, were here to teach., The Book of Love and Creation, simultaneously helps readers develop as spiritual beings within, while growing into increasingly capable, resilient, and confident individuals amid the demands of outer life. We’re going to talk about love today, what love is, why you love, what love can bring to you, and what you need to understand to navigate from a position of love... And love will not be distorted. It cannot be. It cannot be tampered with because it is a high frequency. And a high frequency, so you see, will always stand in congruence with the Creative Source., Filled with meditations, exercises, psychological insights, and affirmations,, The Book of Love and Creation, immediately produces change in the life of every dedicated person who approaches it. Fine for returning readers and newcomers alike, the book is an extraordinary experience in a new body of channeled wisdom that is attracting readers across the world.   
heart thoughts

Heart Thoughts

A Treasury of Inner Wisdom, Illustrated
$19.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Hay House
Publication Date: February, 2012
ISBN: 9781401937201
In, Heart Thoughts, ,, Louise Hay has lovingly compiled her favourite treatments, meditations, and affirmations to help you address and learn to release the issues that trouble you, . As you read, you can feel the joy and peace emanating from every word, every thought, every expression. It is now time for you to release old beliefs and old habits, and the meditations and treatments within these pages can help you build your confidence as you make necessary changes in your life. This is a time of awakening. Know that you are always safe. And also know that it’s possible to move from the old to the new, easily and peacefully. The, larger, illustrated edition of, Heart Thoughts, is a lovely, colourful, wise book, which will certainly uplift any reader while offering resource-full inspirations and reminders. Each one of us is always working with the three-year-old child within us. Most of us, unfortunately, spend our time yelling at that child and then wondering why our lives don’t work. Louise Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher whose books have helped millions of people worldwide. Among her most popular titles are, You Can Heal Your Life, and, Heal Your Body, .


The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love
$20.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Tarcher
Publication Date: January, 2012
ISBN: 9781585429134
Is there a scientific explanation for why some people seem to navigate relationships effortlessly, while others struggle? According to psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine and social psychologist Rachel Heller, the answer is clearly “yes.” In, Attached, , Levine and Heller reveal how an understanding of adult attachment—the most advanced relationship science in existence today—can help us find and sustain love., Pioneered by psychologist John Bowlby in the 1950s, the field of attachment shows how each of us behaves in relationships in one of three distinct ways, : ª , Anxious, people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner’s ability to love them back ª , Avoidant, people equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimize closeness. ª , Secure, people feel comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving. According to Levine and Heller,, one’s adult romantic partnerships have patterns similar to those one has as a child with one’s parents, . Our individual attachment styles are thus, they conclude, hardwired into our brains. Focusing on three main attachment styles (secure, anxious, and avoidant), the authors explain, the biological facts behind our relationship needs, teach readers how to identify their own and loved ones’ attachment styles, , and warn of the emotional price of connecting with someone with drastically different intimacy needs. Teaching readers communication skills to breach these differences, the authors stress that people have very different capacities for intimacy, and that partners must ensure each other’s emotional well-being. Chock-full of, tips, questionnaires, and case studies, this is a solidly researched and intriguing approach, to the perennial trials of “looking for love in all the right places” and improving existing relationships.
cosmic nutrition

Cosmic Nutrition

The Taoist Approach to Health and Longevity
$24.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Inner Traditions
Publication Date: June, 2012
ISBN: 9781594774706
The human body, like all phenomena in nature, possesses the inherent power of self-regeneration when the conditions of true health are adopted. In, Cosmic Nutrition, , Taoist Master Mantak Chia and senior Universal Tao teacher William Wei reveal the secret to true health and longevity: keeping all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—vibrant and balanced. They show you how to work with the four bodies through simple, step-by-step nutritional and energetic practices for everyday life., Combining the ancient Taoist principles of yin and yang energy with acid-alkaline balance and metabolic body types, the authors offer complete guidelines on what to eat for different yin-yang constitutions, specific health problems and organ systems, and energetic conditions, . They provide an easy-to-follow food combining method for acid-alkaline and yin-yang balance, recipes for healing meals, detailed information on fasting and detoxification, and illustrated guides to several self-diagnostic methods from the East that allow you to interpret your body’s signs before disease manifests. Dispelling the myth of germs as the cause of disease, they reveal the cancerous dangers of too much protein or pharmaceutical drugs. They also examine the life-force-increasing and youth-renewing benefits of powerful “superfoods” such as sprouts and specific vitamins and minerals. Exploring emotional and mental balance, the authors explain the psychological aspects of yin and yang and offer simple practices to release fear and worries, promote inner calm, and build a positive attitude., Balancing body, mind, and blood chemistry, this book lays out the Universal Tao’s holistic path to a long and happy life, .  Among Mantak Chia’s many other books are, Sexual Reflexology, and, Cosmic Detox.
meditation for yoga lovers

Meditation for Yoga Lovers

Let Your Body Teach Your Mind
$26.95 CAD
Spoken Word CD
Publisher: Sounds True Inc
Publication Date: May, 2013
ISBN: 9781604078015
When we approach meditation as a wide-open embrace of life, we can let our bodies be our best meditation teachers., Created for yoga practitioners and everyone else,, Meditation for Yoga Lovers, invites you to join Lorin Roche to leap into a meditation practice unique to you, (because it will naturally unfold from the rich tapestry of your own experience in the moment). With a poetic delivery and the wisdom of forty years of teaching and practicing, Lorin describes the central skills of yoga meditation, including non-judgment, finding focus, tuning in to your inner world, the spirit of adventure, and more. Then he, opens up the meditator’s toolkit to share a series of guided exercises, including: Instinctive awareness practice for embracing "the wise motions of life" Salute to the senses—a practice for continually turning toward the life within and without Mantra practice for expressing joy, delight, awe, and pleasure Breath meditation-a celebration of all the colors of, prana, (energy) Connectedness is the sacred function of meditation, because it is a time that we give ourselves to weave together and coordinate all of the elements of our being., Meditation for Yoga Lovers, welcomes you to the beautiful art of inner connection with your own essence and life itself.
tree of yoga

Tree of Yoga

$15.99 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers U.K.
Publication Date: January, 2013
ISBN: 9780007921270
In, The Tree of Yoga, , one of the world’s foremost teachers of yoga offers his thoughts on many practical and philosophical subjects, ranging from the place of yoga in daily life to insights from Patanjali’s, Yoga Sutras., He, includes chapters on family life, love and sexuality, health and the healing arts, meditation, death, and advice to teachers. Based on lectures and discussions with his students, the text is enlivened by many of the author’s personal experiences in the practice of yoga, postures and breathing as well as in putting spiritual principles into action. Consider the sky. The sky is finite as well as infinite. None can touch it, yet we are in contact with it at every moment of our lives. Similarly, you and I have to use finite means—body, mind, intelligence and consciousness—to reach the infinite seat of the soul which is the mother of all these things. In this way we remain ever fresh, ever peaceful, and with ever growing intelligence. B.K.S. Iyengar has devoted his life to the practice and study of yoga. It was Mr. Iyengar's unique teaching style, bringing precision and clarity to the practice, as well as a mindset of yoga for all, which has made it into a worldwide phenomenon. His seminal book,, Light on Yoga, , is widely called the bible of yoga and has served as the source book for generations of yoga students around they world.  Using the tree as a structural metaphor for both life and yoga practice,, The, Tree of Yoga brings the wisdom of his many years of practice and its application in real life into a single-volume work. These are his core teachings and advice for living a long, healthy, happy life. Also by B.K.S. Iyengar are, Core of the Yoga Sutras, and, Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, .
awakening shakti

Awakening Shakti

The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga
$26.95 CAD
Paperback Book
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: February, 2013
ISBN: 9781604078916
How do we live a life of spiritual awakening as well as outer abundance, inner freedom as well as deep intimacy? How do we serve the world selflessly, yet passionately celebrate our life? The, sages of Tantra have known for centuries that when we follow the path of Shakti—the sacred feminine principle personified by the goddesses of yoga, —these gifts can manifest spontaneously. Yet most of us, women as well as men, have yet to experience the full potential of our inner feminine energies. When you know these powers for what they are, they heighten your capacity to open spiritually, love more deeply and fearlessly, create with greater mastery, and move through the world with skill and delight. In, Awakening Shakti, , you will learn how to recognize and invite: Kali, bringer of strength, fierce love, and untamed freedom Lakshmi, who confers prosperity and beauty Saraswati, for clarity of communication and intuition Radha, who carries the divine energy of spiritual longing Bhuvaneshvari, who creates the space for sacred transformation Parvati, to awaken creativity and the capacity to love, With a wealth of meditations, visualizations, mantras, teachings, and beautifully told stories,, Awakening Shakti, provides a practical guide for activating the currents of the divine feminine in every aspect of your life. It also includes beautiful line drawings of the tantric goddesses and charts of Hindu cosmology. All of reality, this tradition says, is Shakti’s dance. Shakti takes form as the biological processes of our body. She acts through our thoughts and the play of our emotions., She becomes every atom and dust mote in the physical world. We are, in essence, made of Shakti, ... But the Tantric sages weren’t content with a generalized vision of energy-as-Shakti. They personalized it in mythic language and in an additional leap of insight, created a science for transforming human energy—by working with the goddess figures of the Hindu pantheon. Also by Sally Kempton is an audio-CD companion to this book called, Shakti Meditations,, as well as the book, Meditation for the Love of It, . Sally Kempton has been studying and teaching the wisdom of yoga for over 40 years. Her website is sallykempton.com.


Finding Freedom in This Moment
$23.95 CAD
Spoken Word CD
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: January, 2013
ISBN: 9781604079340
Of the many Eastern wisdom teachings to have found their way westward, the notion of karma may be the most misunderstood—and yet most transformative. American teacher Pema Chödrön is renowned for making the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism accessible, practical, and relevant for Westerners from all walks of life. But, to bring us an understanding of the fundamental concept of karma, Ani Pema called on one of her own guides. On, Karma, , she is joined by Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche to present a two-part teaching session on this challenging subject, . What is karma? Is it superstition? Do you have to believe in reincarnation to understand it? How do I get rid of “bad” karma? In a dialogue both illuminating and provocative, Pema and Kongtrül Rinpoche address the most common questions of Western students, discussing karma on the level of the individual, relationships, and the community and world at large. Session two then brings us an inspirational dharma talk with Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche, exploring the roots of positive and negative karma, how your “good heart” will shape this life and the next, service versus self-attachment, and much more. A mature view of karma empowers us to steer our lives through conscious choice rather than conditioned behaviors., Karma, gives us a guiding light for living life at the level of cause, not effect, with responsibility and compassion.