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Our People

Presently, Banyen's staff of 25+ offers itself as a vehicle of service, with Kindness, Insight, Fairness, and Beauty ever in our intentions.

Here is who you may meet if you call or come to visit:

Founder & Shaper: Kolin Lymworth
Accountant & Administrator: Annie Wang
Purchasing (Books): Marina Gingrich & Anusha Fernando
Purchasing (Music, yoga supplies, incense, gifts, magic): 
Karen McMahon & Nick Nolet
Receiving and Shipping: Dylan Phillips, Evan Macleod & Carly Laughlin
Accounts Payable:  Jenny Chu
Events, Publicity & E-News: Jacob Steele
Promotions Assistant & Donations: Carly Laughlin
Website: Alethea Lymworth
In the Store - at Your Service:
Cynthia Champagne, Fleur Choy, Lauryn Collins, Michael Galloway, Sky Goodwin, Kari Gundersen, Layla Habib, Terri Lynn Haines, Bokudo Holy, Caroline Janeesha Lightbody, Alethea Lymworth, Leanna Manning, Nicole Nolet, Tom Oakley, Levi Shulman.