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Charities We Love - EMBERS

Banyen Books & Sound has been a long-time admirer of the amazing work performed by local charity EMBERS (Eastside Movement for Business & Economic Renewal Society) and its Founder and CEO Marcia Nozick.

EMBERS is a Vancouver charity organization focused on community economic development. Their hard work contributing to a "Healthy City For All" was recognized on July 6, 2015 when they were awarded a 2015 City of Vancouver Award of Excellence. Congratulations EMBERS!

They won this award for contributing to the overall health of Vancouverites for providing meaningful and low-barrier work opportunities to those who need it most. EMBERS Staffing Solutions was specifically recognized by the City of Vancouver for helping over 870 people find work in 2014 and paying out over $3 million in wages and benefits to their workers. By providing training and equipment to their workers, EMBERS removes barriers that many people face when trying to enter or re-enter the workforce.

EMBERS works to combat poverty and assists in the revitalization of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, through social enterprise and community-based business development. They offer employment services, green building and renovation services, as well as small business training and coaching.

Our mission is to empower people living on low incomes to be economically self-sufficient and develop productive futures.

They run three programs, two of which are social enterprises that help contribute funding to EMBERS Charity:

EMBERS Staffing Solutions is a temporary staffing agency, a social enterprise that connects companies with workers. This program helped over 870 people find work in 2014.

EMBERS Ventures provides business training programs and support services to small business entrepreneurs. This program supported 350 entrepreneurs in 2014.

EMBERS Green Renovations is a social enterprise that provides energy efficient upgrades and renovation services to property owners.

This charity demostrates such a deep commitment to connect with Vancouver's inner city residents and their work has had a truly positive impact on people's lives. Read some of their client stories and your faith in humanity will begin to restore and sparks of joy will touch your heart.

I am absolutely delighted that EMBERS has won a City of Vancouver Award of Excellence to add to their growing collection of local and national awards, like the #SocialforGood Award and the Social EnterPrize Award. Banyen will continue to support them in our own humble way.

If you would like to join us in supporting EMBERS, you can make a donation via their website, engage their staffing and renovation services, or sign up for a fun day at the golf course at their 7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Tuesday, July 28th 2015, at Green Acres in Richmond.

All proceeds go to an Employment Support and Training Fund that provides people with the skills and support they need to move to that next level.  

We believe that work has the power to transform people by not only providing needed income, but building confidence, purpose and a sense of hope for a future... something so important to the people who are in a state of transition and reintegrating back into society...
 - Marcia Nozick, CEO EMBERS

Each registered golf player receives:

  • green fees
  • power cart
  • on course contests
  • pre tee-off barbecue lunch
  • banquet dinner
  • welcome gift

Regular  $225/golfer, $900/foursome Register now!