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Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

Astrology ~ April 2021

In March we had a stellium of planets in the sign of Pisces and we were heavily focused on releasing old traumas from the past. This month we may experience a healing crisis, where the influence of Aries energy causes us to become so inflamed that we decide to begin transforming our lives. There is a strong emphasis on Venusian themes this month, because the sun and Venus recently formed their Superior conjunction, both in the sign of Aries. This is Venus in her full power and it marks a turning point and period of culmination similar to a full moon. We will likely see the strength of Venus reflected in the collective as more comes out this month regarding how we relate, and the abuse of the feminine in our culture. The sun, Venus and Mercury will all enter Venus-ruled Taurus this month, a sign which is all about our bodies, our needs, and our sensuality. 

Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra, so we will be exploring the relationship we have with ourselves and with others throughout all of April. This month brings significant shifts as we establish new patterns in relationship that will be with us for the remainder of the year. This will become evident both in our personal relationships and how we interact as a collective. The first significant ingress of the month will be Mercury moving out of Neptune-ruled Pisces into Mars-ruled Aries on April 3rd. This marks a transition from fluid, subtle and embodied forms of communication into more direct, active and even combative exchanges. The warrior-like, masculine energy of Aries will dominate the first part of April before we transition into the earth-based, feminine energy of Taurus.

On April 11th we have a new moon in Aries, which is the first sign of the Zodiac.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in our personal lives, with an emphasis on our identity and the way we express ourselves. Venus in Aries then squares Pluto in Capricorn and we may experience power struggles within our relationships. This is an important time to establish clear boundaries with others. We are exploring our sense of self and what motivates us to relate and interact. This is a useful time to examine how you show up in the world and how you want to initiate change. The new moon is a powerful time for setting goals and intentions for the month ahead. Saturn in Aquarius is trine the North Node in Gemini for the first few weeks of April. This aspect has us committing to a brighter future for ourselves, that is more aligned with our soul purpose. This process also connects to the year-long Saturn square Uranus transit, which has us completely reinventing our personal and collective lives for the rest of 2021.

Venus will move into Taurus on March 14th and our attitude towards ourselves and each other will shift considerably. This is the time of year where we start to spend more time outdoors, which allows us to reconnect to our bodies. The flowers are in full bloom all around us, and this can be a reminder for us to embrace our sensuality. Getting back in touch with our physical environment may bring up strong feelings for us, because a few days later the sun in Aries makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This could be a crisis point for us in our Venusian journey of reclaiming our bodies and asserting the way we want to exist in the world. Issues may arise about the way those in authority attempt to control what we do and what is done to our bodies. There may be a lot coming out about the deep, systemic changes needed in order to make our society more inclusive and safe for everyone. We have a supportive trine between Mercury and Jupiter at this time, which means our communication about these issues is impactful and gains support from the collective. 

The sun enters Taurus on April 19th which is when the element of earth takes prominence and our focus shifts to our personal values and physical needs. Mercury moves into Taurus that same day, and our communication becomes centred around issues of self-worth and security.

Mars moves into Cancer on April 23rd, which has us feeling more emotional about wanting to protect ourselves from any potential threat. All of our body systems may require more care and attention at this time, especially our nervous systems. Venus will then conjunct Uranus, which speaks to revolutionizing the ways we care for ourselves and each other. Next, Venus will square Saturn and we may feel discouraged about the immense social impact of the restrictions and limitations that have been placed on us. This also connects to the bigger theme of this Saturn square Uranus transit occurring all year. We need to reinvent our systems and change the way our society is structured so that it feels more equitable and beneficial for everyone.

On April 26th we have a full moon in Scorpio, which is in opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

The opposing energies of Scorpio and Taurus at this full moon could have us feeling extremely sensitive and vulnerable, as we dig into our psyches to discover where our true sense of security comes from. Pluto, as the ruler of Scorpio, requires us to look deep within at this time and find the source of our inner power. We may feel the pressure to transform and to make radical changes in our personal lives and relationships. Pluto will also station retrograde around this time and this will mark the completion of a long journey we have been on to overcome past obstacles. The sun and Uranus (both in Taurus) will be conjunct a few days later, which may lead to sudden insights or breakthroughs. At this time we are embracing the need for permanent change and this is reflected all around us as we see major issues arising in the collective that urgently need to be addressed and dealt with. 

The month ends with Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is a beautiful transit, because earth provides a container for water, which looks like us holding space for each other to share our stories. Taurus and Pisces are both creative, compassionate, feminine signs. There is an emphasis this month on accessing the stories we have stored in our bodies and giving ourselves permission to begin writing a new story. An empowered Venus has provided us with lessons this month about how we can heal and transform our relationships through getting in touch with our core needs. Personally, we may develop the ability to remain more empathetic and receptive in order to understand each other’s different perspectives. Collectively, we may recognize our need for more compassionate leadership, which we know will allow us to overcome the challenges we are currently faced with. 


Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

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