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Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

Astrology ~ March 2021

At the beginning of this month we are likely still feeling the influence of the first exact square between Saturn and Uranus that occurred on February 17th. A square is a dynamic aspect between two planetary bodies that creates enough inner tension to motivate us to enact powerful changes in our lives. Saturn in Aquarius (fixed air) and Uranus in Taurus (fixed earth), are two signs known for their focus and determination.
When we combine the elements of air and earth, there can be strong resistance or massive breakthroughs. We are in a conflict between the need for stability and the desire for change. We must let go of an old identity in order to step into a new one. These two outer planets will square each other two more times this year (in June and December). The Saturn/Uranus square is the defining aspect of 2021.
The Saturn/Uranus square will be with us all year long, but the mutable vibration of Pisces is the dominant energy this month. Pisces is the most universal of all the signs and it represents the cosmic waters we all emerge from. The mutable signs allow us to adapt, because our bodies are always in a constant state of flux. We are consistently moving between different states of being, with access to a spectrum of emotions.
The spiritual influence of all this Pisces energy can put us deeper in touch with our soul’s calling. The water signs are naturally intuitive and instinctual and they allow life to flow through us. This month will be a potent one, as we come to terms with everything we need to let go of and release from our lives. We will be immersed in the deeply healing waters of transformative Pisces throughout most of March.
Mars will move out of fixed sign Taurus into mutable Gemini on March 3rd. We should feel a noticeable shift in our energy, because this air sign has a much lighter and more playful quality to it than the earth sign that came before it. Gemini is a mutable sign with a dual nature that allows us to move easily from one feeling to another. This sign is in need of constant stimulation so expect to see increased levels of learning and communication at this time. The energy of Gemini is youthful and encourages us to experiment and play.
Gemini rules the third house of the zodiac, which is about our neighbourhood and our local communities. We will be drawn towards activities that make us feel a sense of familiarity and ease. We are eager to interact with others and are feeling curious to engage with our surroundings. However, we may act somewhat tentatively, because our relationship to our immediate environment has changed significantly this past year. With Mars in Gemini we feel more active and inquisitive, but we still have a lot of questions.
Mercury will transition out of air sign Aquarius mid-month, where it will join the Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. While Venus is exalted in Pisces, Mercury is not as comfortable here. Mercury in Aquarius had us in mental overdrive, but as it transitions into Pisces our thought processes may become more visual, imaginative and emotional. All of a sudden we are focused less on the mind and more on the body.
We may welcome this shift in energy as we turn our attention away from the world of ideas, innovation and technology to themes like love, spirituality and creativity. This is an important time to reconnect with our natural rhythms, our dreams and to explore our connection to one another. Pisces energy has us tuning into a more embodied, heart-centred form of wisdom.
The new moon in Pisces on March 13th begins a new lunar cycle, with an emphasis on healing our emotional bodies.
Our two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, along with Venus and Neptune will now form a stellium in Pisces. The influence of Pisces is heightened at this time and we may feel more intuitive and sensitive than usual. Pisces rules the final house of the zodiac, which is all about being in a state of transition. This time can feel like a gestation period where a lot of change and growth is taking place, even if it isn't visible yet.
The previous new moon in Aquarius was about us becoming more authentic and empowered, and this month is about us acknowledging our individual and collective trauma and working on integrating all of our past experiences. This is an important time to engage in healing or therapeutic practices, in order to release any internal blocks that are preventing us from moving forward. We can gain a new perspective this month by listening to our intuitive bodies, which will then allow us to catch up to our Aquarian visions for the future. The Sun and Venus conjunct Neptune allows us to cleanse ourselves of the past, and shed old parts of us that are no longer aligned with our new identity.
The sun in Pisces has us in a state of becoming. We are looking back at the past, but not quite able to grasp the future. We are still enveloped in darkness, but we are beginning to remember the light. We are processing, purging and working through old karma. The sun will move into Aries on March 20th and the Spring Equinox will take place in the Northern Hemisphere. The light will begin returning to every cell of our being. Venus will get an invigorating boost as it moves into Aries on March 21st. We may find ourselves more bold in matters of love and relationship. The influx of all this Aries energy will have us stepping into the next phase of the Saturn/Uranus square.
Aries is the archetype of the newborn baby, just released from the womb, entering the outside world for the first time. It may take us a while to identify our needs and get back in touch with our senses, but we don’t have to worry because our instincts will kick in and remind us of exactly what we need. This is a time to reconnect with nature and continue listening to our body. Interacting with each other may feel strange after so much time spent inside the dark spaces of our psyche, but the lessons we gathered there will be invaluable to us as we emerge back out into the light.
On March 28th we have a full moon in Libra, the sign associated with relationships.
Libra rules the seventh house of partnership and our significant others. The focus will be on revisiting what was potentially neglected during our soul’s journey through Pisces season. We may have learned a lot about ourselves, and now we are ready to share those insights with our loved ones. The Sun and Venus in Aries will give us a strong impulse to connect and be seen. However, both the Sun and Venus will make aspects to Saturn at the end of the month, so we may still have to negotiate our boundaries around relating.
Saturn and Jupiter are still in Aquarius, and may have us thinking of inventive and creative ways to restructure our relationships. The revolutionary energy of Aquarius has us showing up more authentically than we have in the past. We are thinking about how we can collectively re-envision what our social spheres look like in this ever-evolving and unpredictable landscape.
Pluto will spend a few more years in Capricorn, where it will continue to reveal to us our collective shadow. It is important to focus on our own shadow work this month, so that we can gain more awareness about who we are and what we want moving forward.
The individual efforts we make to get in touch with our soul purpose and visions for our future will help us co-create the type of collective existence we dream of experiencing. It is necessary for us to do the work, so that we can show up in the world and feel able and ready to share our gifts and our stories. Ride the cosmic wave this month and allow Pisces season to cleanse your soul, so that you can emerge back out into the world with a renewed sense of faith this Spring.


Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

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