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Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

Astrology ~ August 2021

This month begins with a Mercury/Sun conjunction in the sign of Leo, with both planets in an opposition to Saturn. The vitality of Leo season is countered with the sobering influence of Saturn in Aquarius. The Leo/Aquarius axis is about balancing the needs of the self with those of the collective. Since Mercury is in the mix we are trying to wrap our minds around all of the unexpected events and shocking news stories coming our way. It is time to decide how we can individually bring more joy, happiness and fulfillment into our lives, without neglecting the needs of our community. The highest manifestation of these two energies is someone who is authentically living in their truth and at the same time improving the lives of others.
The sun and Mercury meeting up in the sky begins a new cycle, and since they both form a sextile to the North Node in Gemini the events of this month could feel fated. It is possible we may experience sudden insights about the direction we want to take next. Leo energy is creative, firey, life-force energy and if we let our hearts guide us we could make lasting, positive changes over the coming weeks. The influence of Saturn means that we may be faced with some decisions and commitments. There is a strong need to commit to a path that is going to allow us to shine our light out into the world and live out our purpose. At the beginning of the month we could be thinking a lot about our future and discussing those possibilities with others.
After the sun and Mercury oppose Saturn they will both square off with Uranus, and this is when we could begin to notice unpredictable events taking place in our lives. The sun in Leo is all about our core identity and how we can boldly commit to following our soul’s calling. The Uranian influence could help us break free from old thought patterns and beliefs about ourself that have been preventing us from moving forward. Aquarius is a sign that is all about the future, innovation and gaining new perspectives through expanding the mind. At this time we may have a revelation of sorts or a sudden insight about how we can make progress in an area where we have felt previously stuck. Let yourself be inspired and remain open-minded about where life may lead you.
On August 8th we have a new moon in Leo.

This begins a lunar cycle with a major focus on happiness. The goal of this lunation is to live in our power and purpose and bring more joy and fulfillment into our lives. This is a sign of leadership, courage and action. We may feel an energetic boost and be willing to take more risks when it comes to pursuing our personal desires. Mercury will be opposing Jupiter, which can bring even more optimism and excitement into our lives. It is possible that we may gain more clarity about which steps to take next. This could feel like a paradigm shift as we decide to make joy the focal point of our lives. Living in our authentic truth is the fastest way to achieve what we want. This burst of positive energy coming from the cosmos at this time could feel overwhelming, as we haven't had this type of energy in months. Embrace the experience and let the sun and moon in Leo restore your vitality! 

Venus in Virgo will then make an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. These two opposing signs fuse the practical with the magical. The realm of Venus: our sense of self, money, habits, relationships and resources may be shifting after our new moon commitment to happiness. This may look like us re-aligning our life to our new perspectives gained earlier in the month. On August 15th Venus will shift into its home sign of Libra and we will feel a softening into this new reality. At that same time we have the third quarter moon in Scorpio which may highlight relationships and finances and the kind of progress we want to make in those areas. The moon in Scorpio encourages us to follow our deepest desires and connect to that which makes us feel intensely alive. On August 19th, Uranus in Taurus (opposite sign to Scorpio) will station retrograde. At this time we may feel deep, internal changes taking place, which will allow us to transform our outer lives to reflect the changes within.  

On August 22th we have a full moon in Aquarius and the sun moves into Virgo later that day.

This full moon in the sign of the rebellious water-bearer and Uranus recently stationing retrograde has us releasing anything that no longer makes us feel a sense of freedom, liberation, and authenticity. It is essential that we open ourselves up to life by expressing our inner truth and allowing ourselves to evolve and change individually, and as a collective. There is a growing need for people to step into their power and acknowledge that many diverse and unique perspectives are what make our communities vibrant and complete. Virgo season is about blending our mind, body and spirit to achieve a feeling of wholeness. It is essential that we take time to integrate all of the recent changes and make sure to nourish ourselves with daily rituals and routines. This is a lovely full moon to do a ritual of some kind, as the energy could bring massive healing and intuitive insights.

Venus in Libra makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius right after the full moon and this can bring greater clarity in regards to the decisions we may have been mulling over in the weeks prior. Venus and Saturn working together form the basis of our personal and relational needs. What do we need to focus on at this time? What will allow us to progress and move forward? What is the best and most calculated approach to achieve our long-term goals? Venus then makes an opposition to Chiron which may be one of the hardest aspects of the month. At this time we may doubt ourselves or old insecurities and fears may rise to the surface. Stay grounded and remind yourself of how far you've come. Virgo season is about putting in the work to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. You are capable, competent and loveable. Mantras are a powerful tool for Virgo season. Take the fire and confidence of Leo with you into this powerful, earthy season. This is the time to take concrete steps to making your goals and dreams a reality.   

Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

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