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Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

Astrology ~ May 2022

The month begins fresh off a partial solar eclipse/new moon in Taurus, conjunct Uranus. The planet of awakening and shocking events has been traversing the earthy Venusian-ruled landscape of Taurus since mid 2018. Our foundations are shaking and even though we may be craving stability, Uranus keeps bringing in changes that force us to dig deeper into our reserves. Scorpio on the south node, while Pluto is in the late degrees of Capricorn, has us excavating our inner lives to bring deeply buried issues to the surface. This eclipse season is about revealing which parts of us are most in need of healing. This lunar month we want to spend as much time as possible in nature, experiencing the wisdom of our bodies and focusing on our well-being. These are turbulent times and we all need a little rest and rejuvenation where we can find it.  
The cluster of planets in Pisces this past while has had us in somewhat of an otherworldly haze, but things will begin to shift this month. The first planet to leave Pisces will be Venus, which will move into Aries on May 2nd. This creates a shift in what we are ready and willing to receive into our life moving forward. It could be a new beginning in the form of a job, relationship or opportunity, which may seem more appealing with Venus in this fire sign. On May 5th the sun in Taurus will make a conjunction to Uranus. When we add this unpredictable union into the mix anything becomes possible. Uranus never does things in the usual way so expect to be surprised by the outcomes. On May 10th Jupiter will also ingress into Aries and this will mark a major change in energy as this benefic bestows its gifts in a more Aries-like fashion. Expect bigger, brighter and bolder blessings coming in.  
Mercury in Gemini will station retrograde on May 10th, which will give us a chance to gather more information on any new ventures or relationships. Re-evaluate any recent decisions and stay curious about the new possibilities that are opening up to you. On May 13th the sun in Taurus will conjoin the north node. This is a positive alignment that speaks to destiny stepping in to make itself known. The path forward will ultimately involve trust and surrender, as well as intuition and body wisdom. All of this year there will be a strong emphasis on the power of embodiment. Somatic practices, yoga, cleansing, breath work and exercising outdoors are the best ways to deal with the intensity of this eclipse axis. Taurus and Scorpio represent the birth and death phase and we are leaning into all that is life-sustaining. We are seeking to be fully alive even in the midst of crises.
The full moon/lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 15th.
This full moon will be conjunct the south node, so this an excellent time for releasing old relational dynamics, past hurts and unhealthy habits. Toxic patterns may be highlighted so that we can see clearly where we need to change our behaviours and step into a life filled with more pleasure, comfort and safety. Ultimately we want to move towards dynamics that feel healthier and more aligned with who we feel we are in this present moment. There is a strong theme all year of realigning with our values and letting those dictate how we show up in relationship. Full moons are formed by an opposition, so there can often be a decision that needs to be made. The sun will also be squaring Saturn at this time so we have a choice to make about our future. Getting to the truth allows us to tap into the simplicity of living in accordance with it. Dig deep to uncover your needs and desires.
On May 17th Mars will conjoin Neptune in Pisces which combines our motivation with intuition. We can sense that things are shifting and dissolving as we lean into new territory. On May 20th the sun moves into Gemini which lightens the mood a little. This is the season for communication of all kinds, curiosity about everything and the need to connect with many people. On May 24th Mars moves into Aries which gets the energy moving a little faster. Then on May 27th Mars joins Jupiter in Aries which expands our impulse to get going on these new beginnings that have been taking shape all month long. We close out the month with a new moon in Gemini on May 30th, which brings us the adaptability to roll with recent changes and make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in. Gemini is the sign that can help us navigate the intensity of these energies by moving between worlds effortlessly. In the words of the great Oscar Wilde, “life is too important to be taken seriously.” 

Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

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