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Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

Astrology ~ October 2021

The planetary energies of Venus, Mars and Pluto are highlighted during the month of October. We will be focused on working through our relational issues, unpacking our current power dynamics and engaging in the collective dialogue. The depth of our discussions will determine whether any level of compromise can be reached. Shadow work is going to be a necessity for us all this month. This is a dark night of the soul for humanity as we navigate the uncharted territories within our own psyche and in the physical reality we are co-creating through every choice we make. Having difficult conversations gives us an opportunity to share our truth, reflect on our feelings, listen to others and take accountability for our actions. This month it is possible to experience regeneration collectively, and in relationships, if we commit to practicing the art of conscious relating and non-violent communication.
The new moon this month occurs on October 6th in the sign of Libra.
The moon will be conjunct the sun and Mars in Libra. Pluto in Capricorn will station direct the same day. There is a lot of powerful energy associated with this lunar cycle. Mars being the traditional ruler of Scorpio (and Pluto being the modern ruler) means we are not going to be able to avoid the depths over the coming weeks. We may feel triggered and activated as we search within to explore our sense of personal power, our emotions and our desires. Pluto allows subconscious parts of us to surface in order to be worked through. This moon cycle can lead us to transform relationships in our life which have become stagnant. The cardinal energy of this new moon allows us to initiate significant changes. On October 7th the sun will make an exact conjunction to Mars, which means Mars will experience a rebirth/begin a new cycle. Venus will move into Sagittarius the same day, so we may feel a noticeable shift in the energies. The Venusian elements of our life may feel somewhat lighter and more positive, especially pertaining to our personal relationships and sense of self-worth. 
A few days later, on October 9th, the sun will form an exact conjunction with Mercury (retrograde in Libra). At this time we have the Sun, Mars and Mercury all aligned in the relational sign of the scales. We may find ourselves engaging in the collective dialogue and discussing social issues more than usual. Controversial issues will have to be handled with as much diplomacy as possible in order to maintain balance and some level of harmony within society. Themes could arise involving: government, public policy, social justice, political negotiations, contracts and the legal system. On October 10th Saturn will station direct in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn already functions well in this sign, but once direct it will help us become even more decisive and effective. On October 17th Jupiter in Aquarius will station direct and on October 18th Mercury in Libra will go direct as well, which can give us a major shift in momentum personally and collectively. It is time to get clear about our intentions and to actively work towards our visions for the future.

The energies will culminate at the full moon in the sign of Aries on October 20th.

This full moon takes place between two major Pluto transits. The sun squares Pluto on October 17th and Mars will square Pluto on October 21st. This means that this Mars-ruled full moon in Aries gets an additional boost of power from Pluto, which can help us release that which has been pent up. This energy could feel explosive or destructive, but ultimately Pluto is a life-affirming, regenerative force for us to work with. There is the possibility for ego conflicts and unconscious behaviours to surface, however there is also the potential for empowerment and revitalization, depending on how much of your shadow work you were willing to do in the weeks prior. The combination of Venus, Mars and Pluto this month asks us to confront our deepest relational struggles and illuminates the areas of our life which need to be transformed. October 22nd marks the beginning of Scorpio season. The sun entering this powerful sign will lend us increased vitality for our journey into the depths. 

If we release that which is no longer serving us at the full moon, then the energy should feel more productive for the remainder of the month. On October 26th we have a square between Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. This transit has the potential to create an uplifting atmosphere of healing, imaginative and creative energy. Venus in Sagittarius will then make a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius on October 28th, which could amplify our enthusiasm and optimism. If you experienced some sort of cathartic release at the full moon, then the energies may now begin to flow more smoothly. Four planets stationing direct this month could assist us in taking more decisive action, which could lead to more fulfillment within ourselves and our relationships.  

The month ends with Mars moving into Scorpio, which gives Mars a lot more power and dignity. Next month we won’t have to work so hard to maintain tact and diplomacy and will be more in touch with our raw power and able to fully express our Mars in a way we felt stifled doing this month. October ends with the sun in Scorpio making a square to Saturn in Aquarius. This fixed sign transit is asking us to focus on our long-term goals. The months ahead will feature two eclipses and the final square between Saturn and Uranus. This means we need to harness our strength before the astrology gets more intense. Stay connected to your sense of personal power, keep up your emotional awareness and foster your connection with others. Learning to relate with love and respect for one another is what will get us through the challenging and dynamic months ahead. 

Brooke Ollsin
Owner/Creator of The Cosmic Creative

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