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 Danielle Blackwood

November 2019

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We are deep in the mysteries of Scorpio season, pulling us inward and inviting us to look beneath the surface of things. Mercury stationed retrograde on October 31st (until Nov 20th) further underlining that this is a time for inner reflection. Recall that Mercury/Hermes is a psychopomp, the Messenger who carries information between the words. When Mercury is retrograde, it is time for contemplation, and if we don’t resist the natural functions of Mercury retrograde, we too can enter psychcopomp mode; we have the ability to go into our own depths and receive guidance from the archetypal world to bring to the topside world where it can be of use. Give yourself permission to drop down and journey through the dreamtime now. This is a good time for journaling or making art connected to the insights that arise in your quiet moments.

Although many observe Samhain on the 31st of October, all of Scorpio season is Samhain time (Oct 23rd - Nov 22nd). The midpoint of Scorpio (15 degrees) is considered by some as "true Samhain”, and this year the Sun reaches 15 degrees on November 7th. Alternatively, others observe Samhain on the nearest Full Moon at this time of year, which will be on November 12th. This makes sense to me, as the Ancestors in Ireland where Samhain originated did not use the Gregorian calendar, and October 31st would not have existed as such. During the Full Moon, there would have been more light, which I think would have been an important consideration given that there is much evidence of activity, such as feasting, celebration and moving the cattle to their winter pastures during this time of year. In modern Ireland, the entire month of November is often considered Samhain, which translates from Gaelic as “summer’s end”.

Whenever you celebrate/observe Samhain, it is a powerful time to connect with the Ancestors. Remember the Beloved Dead and the Mighty Dead, light a candle for them, and speak their names aloud. Thank them for their lessons and teachings. They appreciate the connection, the forgiveness and the love. If you are not ready to forgive a particular ancestor yet, don’t feel pressured to do so. Instead, you may wish to connect with that ancestor and speak your truth. Much healing and understanding can still happen after a person passes from this world.

I have recently returned from a most magical, meaningful journey through Ireland. Being on the land where my own ancestors walked, lived, loved and died was a deeply cathartic experience. I was particularly moved by reminders of the famine (1845-1849). It is not known exactly how many people died during the famine, but it is estimated to be well over one million, and likely more, as people were often buried in mass graves and records are not always intact. Another two million fled Ireland for Canada and America on coffin ships to uncertain futures. My second great grandfather was among the refugees who found their way onto a ship for the new world. In the extensive family tree research I have been doing over the past two years, it appears he left Ireland as a young man when his wife and infant son died. An especially poignant and haunting reminder of an Gorta Mór are the remains of the famine houses on the west coast. One can imagine the lives the people led in these crumbling dwellings before the Great Hunger; the stories of the generations of families that lived here through the years until those dark times arrived.

Venus leaves the depths of brooding Scorpio for philosophical Sagittarius from November 1st until the 25th. Whatever relationship issues that came to the surface while Venus was in Scorpio can now be worked with. Relationships can feel more supported and expansive now. Alternatively, we or our significant others may also need more space when Venus is in Sagittarius. We might feel a sense of wanderlust, and desire for new frontiers.

On November 11th Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This can be a moment of clarity in the Mercury retrograde cycle. An auspicious time to tap into creative potential, this day can coincide with a major breakthrough.

On November 12th, the only Full Moon of the year in Taurus occurs, bringing up themes of security, finances, the environment, self worth and sacred sensuality. Taurus is an embodied, deeply sensual archetype that is connected to the tangible: body image, self love, and a stable home/ foundation from which our creativity and relationships can be nourished. Taurus resonates with the lusty, sensual fertility goddess, Aphrodite Pandemos. I have always associated Taurus with the Empress card in the Tarot - lush, fertile, abundant and comfortably living in accordance with the Earth. Other goddess archetypes that resonate with Taurus include: Gaia, Lakshmi, Venus, Hathor, Epona, and Flora. On this Full Moon, bring your attention to shoring up your foundations, making your sanctuary sound, connecting with your sensual self and building self worth on your own terms.

Mercury stations direct on November 20th. Give yourself a few days to acclimatize as Mercury arises from its sojourn through the underworld. Double check appointments and travel plans. Paraphrase. Go easy.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd. Happy Birthday Sag! Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, meaning that it is a sign that bridges one season to the next (in this case, autumn to winter) and expresses through the dynamic, visionary element of fire.  Archetypally, Sagittarius corresponds with the Call to Adventure in mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The bow and arrow associated with Sagittarius symbolizes the focused release of Self out into the world to embrace what’s “out there”, in order to define what’s “in here”. Sagittarius medicine teaches us that making life have meaning is the meaning of life. Sagittarius needs a quest, and expands its worldview through an exploration of spirituality, higher learning, and travel to faraway places.  Sagittarius connects to the unfolding archetypal road of the Journey, and they are here to travel both the inner and outer worlds to see what's around the next bend.  The mysteries of faraway lands, and the lure of uncharted ground beckons them onward. They are the sign that throws a few belongings into a backpack and heads off to Nepal; walks the ancient path up Glastonbury Tor, and trades stories over a campfire on a beach on the west coast.

Venus enters Capricorn on November 25th. In relationship, themes of commitment and accountability may arise. We are more cautious than usual in money matters and think twice before investing in something new. Unless your plan is rock solid and practical, it is not usually the best time to ask for favors or loans.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th marks a new beginning in a particular area of your life. Look to your chart to see which house contains four degrees of Sagittarius. This is the most fertile ground to set your new intentions and where you can take a leap of faith, setting off in a new direction that will expand you in a profound way. What seeds can you plant now and nurture over the next six months when the Moon is full in Sagittarius? What quest calls you at this time? Sagittarius medicine helps you to seize the day and embark on the path with the most meaning.

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations November 2019 (all times pacific)

Nov 1st Venus enters Sagittarius 1:25 pm

Nov 12th Full Moon in Taurus (19:52) 5:34 am

Nov 18th Mars enters Scorpio 11:41 pm

Nov 20th Mercury stations Direct (11:35 Scorpio) 11:12 am

Nov 22nd Sun enters Sagittarius 7:00 am

Nov 25th Venus enters Capricorn 4:29 pm

Nov 26th New Moon in Sagittarius (4:03) 7:06 am

Nov 27th Neptune stations Direct (15:56 Pisces) 4:33 am

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