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Cosmic Weather Report

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 Danielle Blackwood

July 2019

On July 2nd, the only New Moon of the year in Cancer coincides with a potent total solar eclipse. An eclipse is like a particularly powerful New Moon, and New Moons signify a new beginning in some area of your life. Eclipses are wild cards, and often align with the closing of one door, and the opening of another in your life. This can be a turning point for some. Cancer is a sign that is intimately connected to the sacred feminine and the Great Mother archetype. It also underlines the themes of belonging, security, emotional connection, memories, personal subconscious family, nourishment, ancestry and home. You can set some powerful intentions today in these areas. Look to your chart to see where you have 10 degrees of Cancer. This house, or life area is where this New Moon falls for you personally.

Whatever intentions you set today can come to fruition when we enter eclipse season again, in six months. We may be feeling nostalgic, melancholic, or particularly sensitive today. It’s a good day to lay low and stay close to home if you can. Ask yourself what truly nourishes you. What connections provide a mutually beneficial exchange of heart energy in your life? As Cancer is a water sign, it’s a good day to spend some time by the water if you can. Today on Salt Spring Island, life giving rain is quenching the already parched landscape, a perfect metaphor for the fertile New Moon in Cancer.

Be gentle with yourself and others today.

Goddesses to work with during this New Moon: Demeter, Danu, Isis, Parvati

Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd. Home, family and security are themes that emerge when Venus is in Cancer. Issues of emotional safety in relationship and the need for a sense of belonging arises.  Are we able to express our truths knowing we will be supported in our closest relationships?

Mercury stations retrograde on July 7th. Confirm appointments, pause before you hit send, and check in to make sure you’re on the same page. Not the best time to buy transportation, tech, or sign contracts. If you have an idea or project brewing, wait until August 16th to announce it to the world. Use this time to refine, research, or reimagine. You’ll be glad you did. If you do have to start something brand new during Mercury retrograde, be sure to go over the details with a fine toothed comb, and be prepared to make adjustments when the planet of communication goes direct.

Chiron the Wounded Healer goes retrograde on the 8th, which is associated with our core wounds and the work we do to heal ourselves and become whole. This can be a time of revisiting painful struggles that we’re ready to learn from and move on.

The Full Moon in Capricorn coincides with a partial solar eclipse on July 16th highlighting themes of accountability, commitment, career, work and sacred responsibility. This Full Moon occurs on the same day as Venus is in opposition to retrograde Saturn. This can be a sobering influence, particularly in relationship, or in matters connected to women. You may be prompted to evaluate how much something or someone is costing you. Something may come to light in terms of getting real, doing the work and staying the course. You may find yourself having to face reality in some way. In the mundane world, it’s time to implement new business strategies and career goals. A solution to a work related issue might open up now.

Goddesses to work with during this Full Moon: Frau Holle, Hecate, An Cailleach, Baba Yaga

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd. Happy Birthday Leo! This is your personal new year, and your time to shine. If you’re not a Sun sign Leo, check your chart to see where you do have Leo. This house, or life area is where you can draw on some of that creative Leo energy. Leo is a fixed fire sign, which means it is a sign that occurs in the heart of a season (in this case summer) and is connected to the visionary passionate element of fire. Leo is aligned with the principle of creative self-expression, and those with Leo prominently in their charts are often called to the Arts in some way.  Leo is the archetype of the Queen/King and sovereignty, and is connected to creativity, self-expression, play and romance. This is the time of year when the earth is generous and abundant. We gather together to celebrate the season and enjoy the golden days of summer. 

On July 27th, Venus enters Leo. Now is a good time to actualize those creative longings.  Write the book.  Take up guitar. Develop your business plan. Make room for play and invest in beauty. What makes your heart dance? Venus in Leo is dramatic, romantic and affectionate. Plan something fun, and surprise someone. The second New Moon of the month on July 31st is also in Leo. Set your new intentions around love, creative self expression, leadership, and making more space for what gives you joy. On the same day, Mercury stations direct, although things will start to clear up and run more smoothly, for the big ticket items in your life, try and wait until mid month to get them off the ground.

Ingresses and Lunations July 2019

July 1st – Mars enters Leo 4:20 pm

July 2nd – New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse 10:38 Cancer 12:16 pm

July 3rd –  Venus enters Cancer 8:18 am

July 7th – Mercury stations retrograde 4:15 pm

July 8th – Chiron stations retrograde

July 16th – Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse 24:04 Capricorn 2:38 pm

July 22nd – Sun enters Leo 7:51pm

July 27th – Venus enters Leo 6:54 pm

July 31st – New Moon in Leo 8:37 8:12 pm

July 31st – Mercury stations direct 8:58 pm



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