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Cosmic Weather Report

Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

March 2019

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March is always accompanied by change. It is a transitional month, bridging the transpersonal energies of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, with the beginning of the astrological year and first sign, Aries. During Pisces season, we are between the worlds. Magic time. Liminal space. A time when all is in a state of possibility and becoming. March holds space for the ending of one cycle and the beginning the next. 
Venus moves from realistic Capricorn into visionary, intellectual Aquarius on March 1st, adding some needed clarity and logic to a month underlined with retrograde Mercury in Pisces. 
On March 5th, Mercury stations retrograde for most of the month of March. It’s typically not the best time to begin new projects, sign contracts of any kind, or buy tech or transportation, although life goes on, and some things can’t be avoided just because Mercury is retrograde. The best advice is to avoid the big stuff in that regard if possible, but if you absolutely can’t wait until April, make sure you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s. Often when something is begun when Mercury is retrograde, there are unforeseen issues that can crop up down the road. So be prepared to renegotiate, repair and revision anything started while the planet of communication is backtracking.
On the other hand, Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to take something off the back burner and tie up any loose ends on a project already started. It’s a good time to research, reimagine, rest and take five to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Often, things can show up that you might not have noticed before, prompting you to refine something or reconsider your outcome. March 14th, Mercury conjuncts the Sun, and there is a moment of clarity. Messages come through. A glimpse of direction occurs. Use this day as your window of opportunity during Mercury’s retrograde cycle.
We are at the tipping point of a paradigm shift: On March 6th, Uranus, the archetype associated with awakening, freedom, revolution, change and shaking up the status quo is moving into Taurus where it will stay until 2026. Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, and over the next eight years we can expect to see unprecedented focus and movement in all issues connected to women, the feminine and our planet. Uranus spends between seven or eight years in a sign, and its ingress into a new sign shakes up the collective with the themes of the sign it’s moving through. With Uranus in Taurus, we may see a turn to a simpler, more grounded way of life.
People are longing to escape the alienating tech centered din, and here in BC, we see a groundswell of folks leaving the city to move to places like the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, and the Kootenays. As a Venus-ruled earth sign, Taurus is also connected with the planet, our resources, plant medicine, holistic therapies, body image, pleasure, fertility, sensuality, grounded self worth and perhaps an most importantly, the sacred feminine.
Happy New Moon in Pisces! March 6th delivers a fresh start with a new lunar cycle. This is a particularly momentous New Moon, conjunct Neptune and coinciding with the shift of Uranus into Taurus and Mercury retrograde. Expect the unexpected. Every month the New Moon gives us a chance for a fresh start in a specific life area. Look to your chart to see where you have 15 degrees of Pisces. This house (life area) is the most fertile ground to plant your seeds of intention for the next six months. Where does the New Moon in Pisces play out in your life? How can you best tune into the energetics of this New Moon and work with the flow to align with more of what’s important to you?
Although the Pisces new Moon brings themes of compassion, intuitive connection, mystery and romance, it can also be a time of confusion and smoke and mirrors, especially with Mercury just stationing retrograde also in the nebulous sign of Pisces. Something or someone may not be quite what they seem. We’re all extra porous and sensitive now. Be safe if you decide to imbibe. A little goes a long way with such so much Pisces energy permeating the collective: “Keep your feet, or you won’t know where you’ll be swept off to” (Tolkien).
Paraphrase, double check. Leave nothing to chance. Don’t assume. Use this New Moon to tune into the subtle energies. Rest, dream, slow down, make art, journal, write poetry. Begin an art project, escape into the pages of a book, plan a pilgrimage to one of the world’s sacred places. Go to the beach. Spend time by the water. Practice intentional solitude. Wax nostalgic and play all your favorite songs from that time. Go through old photos. Dance in the rain. Pull a tarot card and let it speak to you in the symbolic language of dreams.
Goddesses to work with during this Pisces Moon: Kwan Yin, Oshun, Sedna, Persephone
Spring equinox arrives on March 20th, and with it the beginning of the astrological year and Aries season! We get the opportunity to hit the reset button and begin again. Spring Equinox is the reawakening.  Equal day and equal night, with light gaining ascendancy. Aries begins spring with the triumphant emergence of new life.  There is a sense of optimism and hope that saturates the collective as nature renews herself, and everyone gets a second chance. 
"Spring equinox has been celebrated in many cultures throughout history as a time of rebirth. In ancient Greece, Persephone rose from the underworld, to be reunited with her mother Demeter. In her joy, Demeter restores fertility and abundance to the land, causing the renewal of the earth. In the West Country of England, Ostara is sometimes referred to as “Lady Day,” a celebration of the Goddess and the reawakening of the land. Because all life is interconnected, we too feel the resurgence of energy, the exhale after the constriction of winter’s darkness. Now is the time to make new beginnings, to cast off any remaining hindrances that might be holding us back. As all of nature is in the throes of new growth, it is the time to embrace the flow and make changes for our own personal growth". 
(Excerpt from: The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine, Blackwood, 2018.)
Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning it corresponds with a seasonal turning point (in this case spring) and resonates with the enthusiasm and passion of the fire element. Aries season is a time of forward movement, new beginnings and self actualization. Whether you’re a sun sign Aries or not, we all have every sign in our chart, so take this opportunity to tap into the visionary fire of Aries. Take a stance, defend your boundaries, stand up for what you know is right, and prepare to dive boldly into whatever you’ve been avoiding but procrastinating on. 
This spring equinox coincides with a Full Moon at 0 degrees Libra, illuminating something or bringing things to a head. The energy may be supercharged, amped up and exciting. It may also be impatient, impulsive and edgy. Word to the wise: slow down, count to 10, remember to breathe. Respond, don’t react. On the other hand, this is a Full Moon in Libra, so issues around relationships, give and take, and balancing your own needs with the needs of others come into play. 
Venus enters Pisces on March 26th, bringing themes of compassion, idealized love, romance and imagination to the collective. Mercury stations direct on March 28th, and although it is not completely out of its shadow until April 17th, by April 3rd, Mercury will be getting back up to speed and there should be an increasing feeling of clarity. 
Happy Spring everyone!
Planetary Ingresses and Lunations March 2019 (all times PT)
  • Mar 1st Venus enters Aquarius 8:45 am
  • Mar 5th Mercury stations retrograde 10:19 am
  • Mar 6th Uranus enters Taurus 12:35 am
  • Mar 6th New Moon in Pisces 15’ 47 8:04 am
  • Mar 20th Sun into Aries Spring Equinox 2:59 pm
  • Mar 20th Full Moon in Libra 0’ 09 6:43 pm 
  • Mar 26th Venus enters Pisces 12:43 pm 
  • Mar 28th Mercury stations direct 6:59 am 
  • Mar 30th Mars enters Gemini 11:12 pm

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