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Cosmic Weather Report

Astrological highlights by Astrologer and Author

 Danielle Blackwood

March 2020

Feeling underwater? More sensitive than usual? Missed appointments and misunderstandings? Feel like just hiding underneath the covers? You are not alone! This Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a particularly nebulous one. Strange dreams and free-floating anxiety. Feeling all the feels: melancholy, nostalgic, wistful. Portals for old sorrows may open to finally be healed. Take the pressure off. Go with the flow and make room for creative projects and intuitive meanderings. Make space for your inner dreamer or mystic to show up. Take time to refill your well. As soon as you can, give yourself permission to escape safely and without guilt into the pages of a book, watch a movie that sweeps you away, or dive deep into a creative project.

Add to this the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, climate change anxiety, and a tenuous grasp on reconciliation, and it can all feel overwhelming. The collective is at a crossroads, and many are feeling fear, depression and helplessness in the wake of a groundswell of change. If this is you, realize that we are all in this together, many are feeling the same. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, voice your concerns, and reach out in kindness to others struggling with the same feelings. Be gentle with yourself and with others. This too shall pass.

From March 4th until April 3rd, Venus enters one of her home signs, Taurus. Venus in Taurus is languorous, voluptuous and sensual. There is a certain calm and steadiness that settles in after she leaves Aries. Venus in Taurus highlights the things of the body, earth centered connection, and an appreciation for beauty in all its forms. Security and the material world are underlined when Venus transits Taurus. Money, finances, comfort, and property are all Taurus themes. Venus in Taurus resonates with the Second Chakra: the center of sensuality, creativity and pleasure. Use this time to nurture stability and prosperity in your life. Spend more time in nature and enjoy the gifts of being embodied.

We have a Super Moon in Virgo on deck on March 9th. Watch for breaking news, shifts or developments connected to the virus, as Virgo is about the body, health, and wellness. Apart from that, do take this time to look at your own wellness plan. It’s a good time to tend to diet, exercise, and general physical well being. Virgo also highlights themes of organization, sifting, sorting, and self improvement. This might be a good time for a spring cleaning: of your body and your home/workspace. Virgo’s archetype is associated with all types of ritual, and integrated daily spiritual practice. The Sun also conjuncts Neptune on the day of the Full Moon adding a sense of unreality or fantasy to the celestial weather. Conversely, this aspect can be a potent moment for creative breakthroughs, intuitive downloads and inspiration. Remember that all Full Moons can be a time of realization, fruition and culmination, something may come to light that was previously hidden. Mercury stations direct on the day as the Virgo Super Moon. Today and the days immediately before and after may be charged, uncertain, and confusing. Find your center and prepare to move forward as Mercury gets back on track.

Virgo Goddesses to work with: Hestia, Astraea, Frigg, Airmid, Inari

Virgo Stones and Crystals: Amazonite, jasper, peridot

The Sun enters Aries, the archetype of the Warrior, on March 19th, 8:49 pm PT, 11:49 pm ET, heralding the spring equinox, and another turn of the Wheel. This is the time of year that infuses us with the courage and energy to begin again. Spring Equinox begins the astrological year, and highlights the Aries part in all of us for the next 30 days.  For Sun sign Aries, happy birthday! Aries is a cardinal fire sign, meaning it begins a new season (in this case spring) and resonates with the visionary, passionate element of fire. Look to your chart to see where Aries is - this is the area in which you will likely experience the energy of rebirth and new beginnings for the next month. 

Winter is officially over, and we feel rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized. Spring Equinox is known as Ostara in many pagan circles and is the Anglo-Saxon Teutonic Goddess of spring.  All of life is in a state of anticipation.  Aries refreshes our spirit and reminds us that after the long dark nights of winter, spring always comes again.  New life is infused into our psyches, and we are enlivened, quickened and ready to embrace our next chapter. 

From March 21st to July 1st, Saturn enters Aquarius, giving us a taste of things to come. Whatever archetype Saturn is transiting structures our collective reality. After two years in Capricorn, it will be interesting to see where go from here. Capricorn is associated with big business, banking, the old guard, the status quo and the patriarchy. It’s been a rough ride for so many while Saturn went through the sign of the Goat, especially those of us who don’t subscribe to a conservative world view. With Saturn moving into Aquarius officially from December 16th 2020, until March 7th, 2023, we can hope for a breath of fresh air. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, The Great Awakener. Aquarius is the Revolutionary. The Visionary. A non-conformist rule breaker that shifts paradigms and rides the cutting edge of new social movements. The times are changing.

The only New Moon of the year in Aries is on March 24th at 2:28 am PT, 5:28 am ET. Every month on the New Moon, we get an opportunity to begin anew; a chance to hit refresh and move through the gateway into a fresh new chapter in a specific part of our lives.  Check your chart to see what house (area of life) this particular New Moon falls. That is the most fertile ground that you can plant your seeds of intention.  Don’t let this opportunity slip! Jump on the tide of this enthusiastic, forward moving energy and prepare to manifest what’s in your heart.  Where can you focus your intention to create the magic that you want?

Aries Goddesses: Macha, Freya, Andraste, Pele, Scathach, Linshui

Aries Stones and Crystals: Fire agate, garnet, tektite, bloodstone, clear quartz

Mars, the archetype of drive, passion, self confidence and getting things done moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on March 30th. Mars in Aquarius is a more intellectual Mars, a thinking Mars. A Mars that teams up with others to get something done. It has the potential for passion and vision to come together in a way that can create change. The one draw back with Mars in the sign of Aquarius, is that in the pursuit of a vision, there is the potential for end -justifies -the -means thinking. Although Aquarius is connected to the greater good and causes that unite, its shadow side can sometimes be a little too objective or detached. Engage in conversation wherever possible to find a solution that works for all.

Happy Spring friends!



Transits March 2020 (all times Pacific)

Mar 4th Mercury retrograde enters Aquarius 3:08 am

Mar 4th Venus enters Taurus 7:07 pm

Mar 9th Super Full Moon in Virgo (19:37) 10:48 am

Mar 9th Mercury stations direct 8:49 pm

Mar 16th Mercury enters Pisces 12:42 am

Mar 19th Sun enters Aries/Spring Equinox 8:49 pm

Mar 21st Saturn enters Aquarius 8:58 pm

Mar 24th New Moon in Aries (4:12) 2:28 am

Mar 30th Mars enters Aquarius 12:43 pm




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