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Cosmic Weather Report

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 Danielle Blackwood

January 2020


We have now crossed the threshold into a new decade. Take a moment to reflect. What age were you at the beginning of 2010? What age are you now? And, what age will you be at the turn of the next decade in 2030? What did you experience, accomplish or mourn over the past decade? What has come to pass over the last 10 years? How far have you come? This threshold invites us to spend some intentional time feeling into nigredo: the first stage of the alchemical process towards individuation. Nigredo is a time of darkness and reflection, a time to explore the shadow – not just the awkward stuff, but the “gold in the shadow” that has been repressed, the authentic parts of yourself that have been held in check for myriad reasons throughout the years. What needs to be released? What inside you needs to be given voice, so you can step into alignment with who you are becoming?

Practice self compassion and be gentle with yourself and others. Take some time to retrace your steps and walk down memory lane if you are called to do so. Make space for the healing that can occur when you shed the tears that still need to be shed. It’s a good time for journal reflections, dreaming and dropping down into some cathartic creative work.

For those of you who were personally affected by the eclipse on Christmas day, (as well as on the days leading up to and just after) this is an opportunity for rest and some serious soul searching. In the words of author and mythologist, Joseph Campbell:“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed”. Joseph Campbell Companion, Reflections on the Art of Living. p. 39.

The New Year (and new decade) begins with a stellium of five planets in Capricorn, suggesting that the year commences on a serious note, and time, focused work and getting real about what matters will be unfolding themes in the collective. Another Capricorn motif is sacred responsibility: to Self, to others and to the planet.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, try reflecting on the following this January:

  • What old personas, patterns, relationships or limiting beliefs do you need to release so that you can grow?
  • How do you want to show up in the world in this next decade?
  • What does authenticity mean to you?
  • What truly matters to you at this juncture on your path?
  • What would make your life richer and more meaningful?
  • What would you begin now if you knew you would succeed? What is the first step?

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Jan 10th 11:11 am/Full Moon in Cancer 11:21 am/ Sun conjunct Mercury

Eclipses come in pairs, and the Full Moon in Cancer is the follow up to the New Moon eclipse in Capricorn that occurred on Christmas day. Something may have come to light around that time. A door may have closed, or a new door may have opened. If you were affected personally by the last eclipse, this one may be the next chapter in the unfolding of what began then. Watch for clues to next steps. The Moon is full in the sign of Cancer, the archetype connected to the Great Mother, as well as to the motifs of house, home and hearth, nurturing, our sense of belonging and family. Unfathomably deep, connected to ancestral memory, and the roots of the subconscious, Cancer is, in a sense, our spiritual home, the home we all subconsciously long to return to. You may feel emotionally sensitive, moody, or nostalgic today. It’s a good day to stay close to home and cocoon. There is a potential for the beginning of deep emotional healing, especially healing connected to family patterns.

Cancer Goddesses: Demeter, Danu, Parvati, Mother Mary

Saturn conjunct Pluto Jan 12

This is a serious, and potentially heavy transit that many have speculated on, and which will no doubt be reflected in the collective. On a personal level, if you have any inner planets or angles around 22 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you will likely be feeling this one in an immediate way. This may manifest as worry, depression, pressure, fear, a feeling of being isolated or not supported. You may feel rejected, disheartened or discouraged. The best way to move through this transit if it is affecting you personally, if first and foremost to remember that it will pass, and you will not always feel like this. You may experience a reality check. If this is the case, put one foot in front of the other. Tend to the practical things: make sure you are getting enough rest, healthy food and time for reflection. Pay your bills, make that phone call or email. Don’t put too much on your plate. Be prepared to face consequences for past actions, and to come to terms with the way you’ve consciously or unconsciously structured your life. Expect repercussions for wherever you’ve been coasting or in denial. Take a deep breath and step up to the plate to do the work, both inner and outer.  Yes, this will likely be a hard transit, but you’ve got this.

Mercury enters Aquarius Jan 16th (until Feb. 3rd)

Innovative ideas, creative solutions to old issues. Thinking outside the box and joining with others for change.

Sun enters Aquarius Jan 20th 6:55 am

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th. Happy birthday Aquarius!  This is your personal New Year, and your time to shine! Look to see where Aquarius is in your chart to find out where you will be experiencing this energy.  We all have every sign somewhere in our birth charts, and wherever Aquarius is in your chart, is the area in which you will experience this energy for the next month.  Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, meaning that it is a sign that embodies the heart of the season, in this case winter in the Northern hemisphere.  It also resonates with the objective, communicative element of Air.  Aquarius is the archetype of the Visionary, The Wild Card, the Genius, and the Revolutionary. Aquarius is the sign most associated with social justice and joining with others to create needed change in the collective.  Aquarius season is the time to step outside your comfort zone, and push past the limitations of what you think is possible.

New Moon in Aquarius 4:22  Jan. 24th (Lunar Imbolc) 1:42 pm

The only New Moon of the year in Aquarius occurs on January 24th at 1:42 pm (PT).  New Moons are the ideal time to set new intentions for the next six months. Look to your chart to see where 4 degrees of Aquarius falls.  This will be the life area for you that is the most fertile ground to plant those new seeds of intention this month. The seeds you plant should be around speaking your truth, authenticity, and vision. Focus on inspiration, new paradigms, the radical, and awakening.

Aquarius goddesses: Bridget, Lilith, Sophia, Athena, Tien Mu

Here is a guided meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius from my book, The Twelve Face of the Goddess: Transform Your Life With Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine, available at Banyen.

Pathworking: Rekindle Your Flame, Refill Your Well

You’ve been feeling stuck for some time and try as you might to bring up something new, something fresh, something inspired, it seems as if your well has run dry. For every seed of a thought you have, an inner voice whispers, “Someone’s already done it. Someone’s done it better. Why even bother trying”? And even worse, a comparative, self pitying thought sneaks in, “Why am I not original and gifted and brave like …” You begin to walk up the winding green path that leads to the top of the hill, with these thoughts clattering uncomfortably in your head. It is an unseasonably warm January afternoon. Flashes of white snowdrops and deep purple crocus are peeking through the first of the new green growth, and you hear the gentle sound of sheep bleating in the distance.

The path splits into two, and you pause for a moment as you decide which direction you’ll take. One path is well travelled and goes straight to the top, but the one on your right curves around the back of the hill. You choose the less trodden path and soon find yourself in a sun dappled oak grove. You walk for a time, and come upon a crumbling stone wellhead. The wellhead is dressed in colorful flowers, and you count 18 flickering votive candles tucked in amongst the greenery. There are 19 candles altogether, but one is unlit. A gnarled old Hawthorne tree stands to the left of the well, and clooties, or shreds of cloth decorate its ancient limbs. You stand in silent contemplation for some time, held spellbound by the beauty and mystery before you. Suddenly, you realize you are no longer alone. A tall red haired woman crowned with a garland of snowdrops emerges quietly from the shade of the oaks, and stands beside you. She is barefoot and dressed in white, and there is an incandescence about her that glows like a flame in the approaching twilight. Elegant Celtic knots and spirals delicately pattern her forearms. You realize this is the goddess Brigit at your side.

She turns to you, “There is yet one candle not lit. Will you light it”? You walk to the wellhead and kneel before the altar of flowers and candles. You see offerings amongst the flowers, including a chalice of fresh milk, but you see nothing with which to light the 19th candle. You lean forward, entranced by the twinkling reflection of the candlelight on the dark surface of the well water. Your vision blurs, and the light becomes little pinpoints like stars in the night sky. The stars become a galaxy, and then dance into spirals and symbols, swirling in images that rise and take shape, then dissolve and rise again into another. You lose track of time, allowing the visions to rise and transform one into the next. From far away comes the voice of Brigit, clear and musical as a bell, “What is it you see”? Although at first you may find it difficult to answer, name the things you can aloud. In time, the visions clear, and once again you are looking at the reflection of simple candlelight flickering on the dark water. You realize Brigit is beside you.

 “Will you light the 19th candle”? She touches three fingers to her luminous brow, and transfers the gossamer light into your hand. Tentatively, you reach towards the unlit candle, and pass your hand over its wick, and instantly a tiny flame is kindled into being. You sit back on your heels, and gaze at the newborn flame. You are completely transfixed, and lost for words. You turn to thank Brigit, but find yourself alone at the edge the well. A waxing moon has risen in the sky, and far off to the west you see a faint golden glow where the sun has set, suffusing the deep blue of the fading twilight. Spring is just another turn of the Wheel away.

Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018. All rights reserved.


Wishing you all an inspiring, meaningful and conscious year ahead!

Blessings on your Quest,


Planetary Ingresses and Lunations January 2020 (all times pacific)

Jan 3rd Mars enters Sagittarius 1:37 am

Jan 10th Full Moon in Cancer 20:00. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 11:21 am

Jan 10th Uranus Direct 5:48 pm

Jan 12th Saturn conjunct Pluto 8:58 am

Jan 13th Venus enters Pisces 10:39 am

Jan 16th Mercury enters Aquarius 10:31 am

Jan 20th Sun enters Aquarius 6:55 am

Jan 24th New Moon in Aquarius 1:42 pm

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