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Astrological highlights by Danielle Blackwood

January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

Mars, the archetype of our Inner Warrior and the impulse toward forward movement, moves into its own sign, Aries on New Year’s Eve, where it will stay until February 14th. When a planet is in its own sign, it underlines the themes that planet represents and brings those themes into the collective in an obvious way. Mars in Aries kicks off 2019 with energetic bluster, fueling your goals and resolutions with courage, initiative and drive. Use this forward moving energy to get an idea off the ground, or to initiate something you’re passionate about. On the other hand, Mars is also associated with anger and the way we handle conflict. Watch for impulsive outbursts, volatile emotions and the tendency towards being too hasty. You or others may feel “hot under the collar”, irritable, frustrated or querulous. Channelling excess Mars energy through exercise, dance, and martial arts can be helpful. An important phrase to remember when Mars is in Aries is, “choose your battles wisely”.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 4th until the 24th, bringing seriousness and gravity to our communications and interactions with others. This is a good time to be mindful in speech. A quote oft attributed to Plato sums up Mercury in Capricorn: “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something”.

2019 also opens with two eclipses. Eclipses can herald the beginning of a significant chapter, and often coincide with outer events that feel fated, particularly if you have an inner planet (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars) or an important angle (Ascendant, Midheaven etc.) within five degrees of the eclipse.

The first in this pair of eclipses is a partial solar eclipse/New Moon at 15 degrees Capricorn on January 5th. Those born around January 5th to 12th will likely feel this one in a visceral way, as well as those with inner planets or angles in the middle degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). The effects of an eclipse can set up a whole new trajectory, and their effects can be felt in their unfolding over the next six months or so. This eclipse/New Moon will highlight themes around work, career, commitment, accountability and karmic responsibility. Committing to something with purpose is a sacred task connected to the Capricorn archetype. This New Moon also conjoins Saturn, further connecting it to the energy of Capricorn. There may be a sense of soberness with this Moon, as we ascertain just how much work we have to do, personally and collectively.

Goddesses to work with: Hecate, Frau Holle, An Cailleach, Baba Yaga

Uranus stations direct, having been retrograde since August 2018. If you are a late born Aries or an early born Taurus, you have had a Uranus transit to your Sun over this past year. You may have experienced feelings of restlessness, and uncertainty accompanied by sudden changes. Some of you may have experienced breakdowns, breakthroughs, catharsis, and intense individuation, as well as sudden insights that changed everything. These changes will continue to develop throughout 2019. For the rest of us, the days around the Uranus station can precipitate the unexpected, global shake-ups and a break with the status quo.

Venus moves into buoyant, adventurous Sagittarius on January 7th through February 3rd. We’re feeling more optimistic in our relationships but may feel the need to expand our existing relationships into new territory. What that means to you and your relationships depends on your specifics. At any rate, more freedom and a sense of exploration are welcome now. Plan a trip with your beloved, take a course, do something in a new way together that enlivens your bond. For some, this may mean the need for more space.

The Sun moves out of Capricorn, and Aquarius season begins on January 20th. Happy Birthday Aquarius! This is your personal New Year.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it is a sign that occurs in the heart of a season (in this case, winter), and resonates with the element of Air, the realm of the mind and communication. In the Tarot, Aquarius corresponds with The Star, and echoes the sense of hope that comes with the now visibly lengthening days. Aquarius is a wild card, a visionary non-conformist who imagines new paradigms, and often prefers to live outside the status quo in some way. Aquarius wakes us up and tells us like it is, shocking the collective out of complacency. Often an activist or social justice warrior, as well as a revolutionary of sorts, Aquarius is a radical Truth Teller who is not afraid to shake things up. Intuitive and often brilliant, Aquarius thinks outside the box, and creates new thought forms that are often years ahead of their time.

The same day the Sun ingresses into Aquarius, the Moon waxes full at 0 degrees Leo on January 20th. This full Moon is a rarity in that it is both a Supermoon (actual term is “perigee”, meaning that from our perspective, the Moon appears approximately 14% bigger that usual) and a total lunar eclipse that will be visible from North America. Totality occurs between 8:41 and 9:43 Pacific time. Eastern time: 11:41 pm until 12:43 am. Let’s hope for clear skies, because this is one you don’t want to miss!  Leo themes will be highlighted with this full Moon: pleasure, play, love and heart-centeredness. This Full Moon may show you where you need to step into a position of inspired leadership and embrace yourself as the innately creative being you were born to be. Leo is aligned with the archetype of the King or Queen, and perhaps most importantly, this Moon can illuminate your path to personal sovereignty.

Sovereignty can be defined as: being self ruled. Having agency over one’s body and sexuality. Having agency over one’s life choices and direction. The ability to choose one’s own belief systems. Defining and defending personal boundaries. Stepping into a sense of power that is not dependant on the opinions of others. Taking back power that has either been stolen, or unconsciously given away. Personal accountability. Stepping to the helm of one’s own ship. Cultivating a solid sense of self worth on one’s own terms, without the feeling of needing to compete. Making space for those things which give you joy, a sense of accomplishment, and unique contribution. Being free of the need for approval. Being able to say no when you need to. Being kind, not nice. Being fierce when necessary. Committing to something that has meaning for you.

Goddesses to work with this Full Moon: Rhiannon, Bastet, Sekhmet, Durga, Hathor

May 2019 be a year filled with meaning and inspiration!


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Ingresses and Lunations January 2019 (all times Pacific)

Jan 4th Mercury enters Capricorn 7:40 pm

Jan 5th New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 15’25 Capricorn 5:28 pm

Jan 6th Uranus stations direct 28’36 Aries 12:26 pm

Jan 7th Venus enters Sagittarius 3:19 am

Jan 20th Sun enters Aquarius 1:00 am

Jan 20th Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse 0’52 Leo 9:16 pm

Jan 23rd Mercury enters Aquarius 9:50 pm

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