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In Memoriam - Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy Maclean was one of the founders of the Findhorn Community, which is now the largest ecovillage in the UK.  A writer and educator on spirituality, she was best known for her descriptions of contacts with consciousnesses of nature which she called ‘devas’.

Born in Guelph, Ontario, she explored the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and the work of mystic Sheena Govan before meeting Peter and Eileen Caddy, with whom she would found Findhorn.  In 1954 Dorothy had her first experience of the God within, which she called a “vast unity.”  She began a regular practice of meditation to connect with this voice, which led her to the belief that love must be practical.

During meditation in 1963 Dorothy’s inner guidance suggested she begin to contact the consciousness of nature. She chose the term devas to describe a formless energy field which she believed oversaw the pattern and growth of all forms and embodiments of creative intelligence.  Co-creation with the devas was said to have led to the abundance of the Findhorn garden, which boasted giant cabbages and winter-flowering roses.

She began travelling the world teaching and lecturing, helping others to contact their divinity within and connect with the intelligence of nature.  She passed away not long after her 100th birthday.