In Memoriam - Stephen Levine

Meditation teacher and elder brother Stephen Levine has passed away at his home in the mountains of New Mexico. He helped so many of us open our hearts deeper and wider over the last 40 years. From his first book A Gradual Awakening, through Who Dies?, Healing into Life and Death, and A Year to Live to his most recent book, Becoming Kuan Yin: The Evolution of Compassion, Stephen has helped us shine a brave and tender light into our darkest, scariest places.  A pioneer of merciful mindfulness "where the rubber hits the road," may his vast heart be blessed with clear light, and his teachings live on to benefit many. Here's a short gem from his latest book:

"An increased capacity to listen to ourselves with a merciful ear, to turn to ourselves and others as if we are our only child and meet pain, discomfort, even cold loneliness, with a merciful awareness. Once awoken, mercy has a healing way of its own... This gift of mercy sent into our pain as well as others', opening the tension around the injury, increasing access to the immune system, brings healing at many levels. Opening the fist cramped around the frightened body and mind cultivates kindness for all the weary beings living in the pain we share.

The more we forgive our own pain we are in, the more generosity flows to others and is reflected back as an incrased capacity for happiness and even love... Levels and levels of softening, levels and levels of letting go of the pained contents of the small mind opening into the big Mind enormity of being."

Kolin Lymworth