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New at Banyen - The Hallowed Apothecary

Now at Banyen, we are thrilled to offer you a beautiful natural body care line from The Hallowed Apothecary, a Vancouver-based business.

The Apothecary Residents collection will be available regularly and includes: Sunshine Cream & Oil, Superhero Deodorant, Healers Balm, Dreamers Oil, Pegasus Oil and Surya Salve. We will also be offering limited batches of seasonally inspired concoctions. These deeply nutritious products are subtly fragrant as they are based in herbal medicine rather than essential oils.  

The Hallowed Apothecary’s products ignite a sense of connectedness to yourself and the natural world around you. They are here to accompany you in your self-love rituals and are made with ethically harvested medicinal plants, in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness. Pure intention, Reiki and Love are infused into each hallowed product, weaving traditional methods of medicine-making into our modern times.