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New at Banyen - Ayurvedic Healing Oils

Padmashri Massage Oils are a line of traditional Ayurvedic massage oils made by Sewanti, locally in Vancouver. Its founder, Neelam’s faith in Ayurvedic medicine is deeply rooted in personal experience. Sewanti Ayurvedic Series is the fulfillment of her desire to share what she has learned on her healing journey. The word Sewa means service and Sewanti is service with devotion. Through her company, Neelam is committed to provide the highest-quality, authentic Ayurvedic products available. It is her desire to bring Ayurveda to the western world as well as to contribute towards the movement of Ayurveda in North America.

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New at Banyen - Lotus Wraps

Lotus Wraps are an easy, secure, and comfortable tool in which to sit and stretch while being deeply supported. They are locally designed out of a strongly woven natural linen. Earth to Ethers lovingly makes the wraps in small batches, and all of their packaging is either recyclable or compostable.

The Lotus Wrap was born during its founder Kara’s sitting meditation practice. She felt that to be able to focus more on her inner state, she first had to address the distraction of her uncomfortable outer state. Now, the supportive Lotus Wraps are being used, both for sitting and yoga practices. They can also be used as a chair around the home or in the park. Enclosed with every Lotus Wrap, there is an easy-to-use guide. In August, we welcome these wraps into our store. Come in and try them out!

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Vasant Lad Interview - Ayurveda: The Science of Longevity

In this Banyen podcast interview, Dr. Vasant Lad offers simple, practical tools in combating anxiety and depression. Dr. Lad also speaks about the effect of digital technology on the pineal gland and the importance of spending time in Nature. Finally, Dr. Lad connects listeners with the sacred through breathing and the mantra of breathing inviting us all to enter the gap between inhale and exhale and enter the doorway into the eternal.

Listen to Vasant Lad's interview here:

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Bruce Lipton Interview - Consciousness, Evolution, & the 6th Mass Extinction

Scientist, author, and international speaker, Bruce Lipton passionately talks about how human survival on planet Earth depends on understanding our essential nature as creators. This thought-provoking interview links climate change and turmoil in the ecosystem with subconscious beliefs that perpetuate victimhood, conflict, and deny our power as creators. Uprooting these beliefs and bringing consciousness into our thoughts and behaviours hold the promise that we can survive the six mass extinction and create heaven on Earth.

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New at Banyen - Sustainable Solutions

The Last Straw

With Vancouver’s groundbreaking ban of plastic straws and foam cups (starting June 1, 2019), we are excited to let you know that we have some sustainable solutions that will help keep this world green: Stainless Steel Straw with brush $7.95, Bulk goods bags assorted sizes (5pk) $36.95, Bamboo toothbrush $6.95, and S'well Traveller mug $45.

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New at Banyen - Vegan Leather Bags

Teak Leaf Leather

We are excited to introduce new vegan leather bags. Tamaz Teak Leaf Leather is a traditional Thai handmade art. This innovative material is used to handcraft products that are unique, water resistant, strong and durable. We use high quality zippers and source the Teak leaves sustainably. No trees are harmed in the process of leaf collection. Each piece is one of a kind, vegan and handmade with love. All products are Fair Trade and Peta-Approved Vegan. Come in and take a look at these eco-chic bags.

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Interview: Radical Dharma - Rev. Angel Kyodo Sensei

“Love and justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”
Maverick spiritual teacher and author, Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei speaks eloquently about Dharma, social justice, truth and love. Kyodo sensibly advocates for Dharma that leaves nothing out of its inquiry so that as practitioners, we can face the uncomfortable truth of present day racial injustice, gender inequalities and social injustice. Bridging the inner and outer, Kyodo delivers a complex, nuanced, and discerning understanding of right action.

Listen Rev. angel's interview:

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Mark Matousek Interview - The Mystery of Mother Meera

In this interview, Mark Matousek discusses his latest book Mother of the Unseen World, an intimate portrait that includes exclusive new interviews with Mother Meera & describes his personal experience in her presence.

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Dan Siegel Interview - The Science of Pure Awareness

"If you look at the neural correlates, the brain activity, that goes along with pure awareness and love, they are virtually indistinguishable."

In this interview, Daniel Siegel, pioneer in the field of intra-personal neurobiology, NY Times bestselling author, and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, speaks about the science of pure awareness. This brilliant dialogue shines a light on the cross-over between science, wisdom, and love.

Listen to Dr. Siegel's interview here:

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Elder Malidoma Somé Interview - Ancestral Wisdom

In this Banyen podcast interview, Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé, West African shaman, Elder and author, speaks powerfully about the realm of the ancestors and the yearning of our ancestors to connect with those living, and to collaborate in the healing and beautification of our world. He also speaks about the role of our ancestors in the fulfillment of our life's purpose.

Listen to our interview:

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Lindsay Sealey Interview:

Growing Strong Girls: social media, images of perfection, and the importance of connecting with our pre-teen daughters

In this interview Lindsay Sealey, author of Growing Strong Girls, discusses the importance of cultivating connection with our pre-teen daughters, the impact of social media, and contending with images of perfection.

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