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John Michael Greer Interview:

Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead

In this Banyen interview John Michael Greer, author of over thirty books, including his new book Dark Age America, argues that we are now seeing the signs of an impending decline and collapse of industrial civilization and culture. He paints a vivid and dark picture of the road ahead...

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In Memoriam - Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen
Sept 21, 1934 - Nov 7, 2016

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. His work explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships. Cohen was inducted into both the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation’s highest civilian honour.

“Leonard Cohen was the most beautiful man I have ever known.  His company was quickening in every way. The elegance and the seductiveness were the least of it. The example of his poise was overwhelming, more an achievement than a disposition, and much more than an affair of style.

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Tune into the key of love with Deepak Chopra & Conan O'Brien

Tune In to the LOVE Tuner

The Lovetuner is a small one tone flute pendant that is perfectly tuned to 528Hz known as “The Love Frequency” by Dr. Horowitz.  It is created in Austria by a German musical instrument maker whose fine craftsmanship and valued traditions are practiced. 

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Matt Kahn Interview:

Whatever Arises, Love That

In this Banyen interview Matt Kahn, spiritual teacher, empathic healer, and bestselling author of Whatever Arises, Love That, illuminates essential questions of the spiritual life: how to love whatever arises, listening to our inner versus outer spiritual guides, the old and new spiritual paradigms, the relationship between love and sexual energy, and more.

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Lesson from the Hive: An Interview with 'Bee Time' Author Mark Winston

In this Banyen interview Mark Winston, author of Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive, winner of the 2015 Governor General's Literary Award for Nonfiction, talks about the fascinating world of bees. Mark Winston will offer a Free Public Talk & Book Signing at Banyen on Thursday, September 22.

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Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care

New at Banyen

East Coast to the West Coast Body Care

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Contest! Celebrating 2000+ Banyen Events

Banyen Books & Sound has hosted & sponsored more than 2,000 events over the past 25 years. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey!

In honour of this, we have a new page highlighting some of the remarkable event presenters Banyen has hosted. Join us for a trip down memory lane...

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Soundwinds Wind Art

New at Banyen
Sound the Winds & Colour the Skies

Add vibrant colour, mandalas, wind and kinetic power and you will have powerful and joyful dancing art. Ignite your homes, events, and ritual gatherings with these wind and colour sculptures.
All are 100% rain-resistant Nylon and made in Portland, Oregon.
Prices Range from $32 for a small rainbow Fusilli Spinner to $150 for the gorgeous 7-foot-high Blue Moon Banner.
Come and see the full selection in the store!
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