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Evan Thompson Interview

Philosophy of Mind

In this exclusive Banyen interview, renowned philosopher of the mind, Evan Thompson, discusses the his new book Waking, Dreaming, Being, the inspiration of a lucid dream, and the relationship
between cognitive science and contemplative knowledge.

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Sharon Kallis interview

 On Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art

In this exclusive Banyen interview, Vancouver artis
t Sharon Kallis explores the creative and environmental inspiration behind her community-based art projects. Her new book is entitled Common Threads: Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art.

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Baptist de Pape Interview

on 'The Power of the Heart'

In this Banyen interview, author and film producer Baptist de Pape discusses his own spiritual journey and the powerful message behind his book & film The Power of the Heart.

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Michael Stone Interview

Awakening in Family Life

In this exclusive Banyen interview, renowned author and spiritual teacher, Michael Stone, explores his new work, his recent life changes, and the role of family in spiritual life.


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In Remembrance

It's our unique human gift to remember. And to re-member is to put something back together.
We're given life through our parents, as they were through their parents, all the way back. And when the natural flow of giving life is broken through the losses of war, we all feel and live with these holes in our human family fabric. We in Canada are descendants of many who fought fascism and slavery, and who died in that fight. May we remember what they died for... freedom to live in diversity and peace. Freedom to sing, dance, and feast together. Let's have a Remembrance Feast to honour the living and the dead. May our ancestors be fed with our loving today.

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A Good Book Drive 2014

We are so proud to be a drop-off location for A Good Book Drive this year!

Now in its third year, A Good Book Drive is an annual book drive to bring stories to a new generation of readers, and support kids in need of new books.

Running through the month of November, A Good Book Drive will be inspiring Vancouverites (and New Yorkers, thanks to the Brooklyn expansion) to purchase a new copy of their favorite kids’ book and deliver it to set locations throughout their cities to be donated to this year’s book drive recipients.

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Day of the Dead & Samhain

The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is a three day festival from Oct 31 to Nov 2 that celebrates the spirit and honours the memory of those who have passed, where people gather to celebrate, honour, remember and pray for their ancestors.

The Celtic festival Samhain is similar as it is a festival for the dead on the day the dead and the spirits return on the day the veil between the worlds is thinnest.

During Aztec times El Dia de los Muertos was a month-long summer celebration overseen by the Goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of the Dead who has her modern counterpart in Catrina the skeleton lady in modern times.

The three day fiesta involves making elaborate and personal altars in the house and at the graveyard to welcome the departed spirits home by laying out their favourite foods, drinks, sweets and personal items.

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New Products for Environmentally Conscious Yogis

Jade and Barefoot Yoga:
for the Environmentally Conscious Yogi

We are proud to introduce two new lines of eco-friendly yoga props. Jade and Barefoot Yoga are both environmentally and socially conscious companies providing quality, natural choices for one's yoga practice.

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Blossoming May 2014

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our Banyen-esque caravan for May.

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Branches of Light Spring 2014 Now Available

Our new 44th issue of Branches of Light (in what is now Banyen's 44th year!) has just come off the press. Almost 200 reviews of selected new books, music, audio, video, and more. If you're curious about what's new and numinous in all our fields, it's a great resource and is always makes for interesting reading.
Drop by the store to pick up a free copy, contact us to mail you one, or view it on-line here.

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