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Feast of St. Valentine Reading List

We’ll see a Full Leo Moon rise on The Feast of St. Valentine on Friday the 14th, so expect some interesting and possibly intense vibes that will nudge you to be more open, heartfelt and social.

In honour of Saint Valentine's Day we've put together a bite-size list of recent and classic books on love and relationships to whet your appetite and open your heart.

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Branches of Light blossoming at Banyen

It's May, 2013 ! The neighbourhood is ablossom; the bees are drunk, and you can hear baby birds calling to their mamas in the trees. The first greens are up in the garden, and we're nibbling on green thinnings of Yu Choy, Gai Lan, mustard greens. The last leaves and flowers of last year's kale have gone into a final great green smoothie (with lemon, ginger, hempseed and lots of apples). Yum!

At Banyen, waves of new spring publications are arriving. Our latest issue of Branches of Light just came off the presses. With over 200 reviews of the cream of this season's titles, it got mailed to over 4,000 customers. Having offered this review for over 20 years now, we're wondering if it's still worth it (with declining sales and mail orders). So I asked readers to let me know, and we've received some very kind comments, such as these:

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Are Websites Poetry or Prose?

Are websites poetry or prose? It seems like a great wave of poetry, inspiring happy circles of smiling people... The elves of Banyen have been dreaming up a new website for several years (they seem like centuries)...

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