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Banyen Interviews

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Dr. Samantha Gray interview

on the inner alchemy of healing

Dr. Samantha Gray is a Naturopathic Physician, a Registered Acupuncturist, and the owner of Sage Clinic in Vancouver & Victoria. In this Banyen interview, Dr. Gray discusses healing as an alchemical process, shares key ingredients for cultivating optimal health, and discusses the sustaining philosophy of Sage Clinic. Samantha Gray will present a talk at Banyen on Sunday, March 29.

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Interview: Neale Donald Walsch

in Conversation. . .

In this exclusive Banyen interview, the bestselling author of The Conversations With God book series, Neale Donald Walsch, discusses common misunderstandings about God, describes his own personal life transformations, and shares 4 daily practices to remain open & present. Neale Donald Walsch
will be in Vancouver to lead a Workshop on Saturday, March 14. Tickets are available at banyen.

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Evan Thompson Interview

Philosophy of Mind

In this exclusive Banyen interview, renowned philosopher of the mind, Evan Thompson, discusses the his new book Waking, Dreaming, Being, the inspiration of a lucid dream, and the relationship
between cognitive science and contemplative knowledge.

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Sharon Kallis interview

 On Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art

In this exclusive Banyen interview, Vancouver artis
t Sharon Kallis explores the creative and environmental inspiration behind her community-based art projects. Her new book is entitled Common Threads: Weaving Community through Collaborative Eco-Art.

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Baptist de Pape Interview

on 'The Power of the Heart'

In this Banyen interview, author and film producer Baptist de Pape discusses his own spiritual journey and the powerful message behind his book & film The Power of the Heart.

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Michael Stone Interview

Awakening in Family Life

In this exclusive Banyen interview, renowned author and spiritual teacher, Michael Stone, explores his new work, his recent life changes, and the role of family in spiritual life.


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