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bilingual edition


yes, the text is fully bilingual with the french original on the facing page.

michael g (staff)



does it show the original French text?

About the French translation


In the 80's I went to see Jacques Weiss, the French translator in Paris as I had quite a few questions about the book.  He immediately switched me to another book, 'La cosmogonie d'Urantia' his French title for the Urantia book.  Now in 2020 I understand why in a sense it answered all my questions about Spalding's book.  Still a few details might need clarification.  But in terms of deeper understanding, it fullfilled everything 100%.

Hi Roy


Re: your review of January 17,
may I ask which chapters did you like most?

small typo


it shoule read 'illumination'

paper 12


Urantia book paper 15


I recently spent time on reading paper 15 of the Urantia Book.
It is about astrophysics and the universe which is observed by the astronomers.
Its title is: "the seven superuniverses" because it is the way the inhabited creation is segmented
in the Urantia Book.  What is absolutely staggering information is the number of inhabited planets
that the book is claiming that exist in the entire creation.  
I just want to inspire readers to read this paper 15 as it addresses
general questions like the age of the universe and the speed of light
in somewhat indirect ways.  

Water Is...


Water is... magic, life, motion, communication, memory, rhythm, vibration, beauty, story, prayer, wisdom and ultimately joy! Read Water is... if you are striving to make the world a better place and need to know that there are others like you that can see water for all that it is. Be fascinated! Be inspired! 

How to be sick


I somehow heard about this book and ordered it from the library. I have been living with chronic pain off and on for a year or so. I would consider this book to be gentle in the sense that it is a combination of Toni Bernhard's story and includes Buddhist based practices that are accessible to someone like me who may be reading the book in the middle of the night because she can't sleep. 


Kahou's delights


Kahou Nakabayashi's 2019 calendar is filled with delightful artwork, just as was her 2018 calendar.  Since there is no image available to entice buyers, I suggest taking a peek at her work on Facebook.  I recently ordered some original art from the 2019 calendar which she managed to ship to here in Canada.  Delightful treasures.  Poetry in Japanese and in English as a bonus on the calendar, lovely.

Loved the book


I could hear music in my breath as I was turning each page.

Imagination - Midwife of the Soul


Marlene Schiwy’s Gypsy Fugue is a book of levels, depths and realms portraying the inner and outer life so vividly, passionately and intimately that you will want to discover such juicy richness in your own life.

With years of scholarly and personal research, Marlene grounds the reader in the historical and current reality of the Roma with great care and respect. At the same time, she reveals the gypsy as a personal image that has been present in her life from earliest memory, and also explores the gypsy as universal archetype, weaving these multiple layers throughout. To read this memoir is to be midwifed into a new and unexpected world, possibly to be overtaken by an irrepressible curiosity and urge to unearth the personal and universal images in your own story and to partner with your imagination. This archetypal memoir is pure transmission, from soul to soul and heart to heart.

Reading Gypsy Fugue, I found myself at once earthbound and at sea, fired up with memories mostly forgotten, flying over unique and hidden lands, and transported through spheres of images, sounds and senses both known and unknown. Closing the book, breathless and having barely landed, I felt inspired and renewed, the symbolic life finally meaningful and anchored, begging for attention and form. Through this passion-textured tapestry, the portal to the imaginal opened its generous arms into mystery, grace and hope. Human and transpersonal, this immersive book will dance into your bones and sing through your heart.



Love it!!


I truly love this deck ~ very connected ~ very powerful.
Messages are short and sweet and hit it on the head every time!

For anyone who is interested in meditating, not just channeling


People may shy away from this book because of the implications associated with the word "channel." The word "channel", as it is used here, simple means clearing the mind so as to allow the universe to give the answers you seek. Many would understand this process as a component of meditation.

Regardless of the linguistics, this book is a must read for anybody interested in meditation or channeling. There are many “how to" books, but this is one of the few that will answer all of the questions you have on the subject. This book sets the standard.

If you’re unhappy and you know it…read this book


The inside flap does a far better job of describing what Live Happy is all about, so rather than re-invent the word, I will defer to the author, Deborah K. Heisz’s own words, ‘Live Happy brings together eye-opening findings from the science of happiness with illuminating real-life stories, empowering us with easy, practical steps we can take deeply fulfilling, joyful lives.’

There are 40 very short stories in total, from a diverse group of people–some of whom you might recognize: Alanis Morissette, Arianna Huffington and Shawn Achor– whose life experiences are interwoven into a discussion pertaining to one of the “Ten Practices for Choosing Joy.” The “Ten Practices for Choosing Joy” make up the ten sections/chapters of the book and they are follows:

1) Attitude
2) Connection
3) Meaning
4) Creativity
5) Gratitude
6) Mindfulness
7) Health
8) Resilience
9) Spirituality
10) Giving back

In addition to the stories included with each of the ‘practices’, the chapters contain: ‘Happy Acts’ and ‘Get Happy’ activities, which are simple and useful activities to help you get your happy on. Suggestions based around: smiling more, active listening, counting blessings, scheduling time for fun, random acts of kindness etc. Generally, I believe that even though many of the ‘Happy Acts’ are likely familiar to most readers, I think the acts can be easily implemented and should improve our lives - IF we actually do them.

Finally, each ‘practice’/chapter ends with some of the scientific basis for implementing that specific ‘practice’ into our lives. I found the scientific discussions informative and not overly intellectual and they add a sense of purpose to why we should be implementing activities for a happier life.

When all is said and done, I found Live Happy easy to read, enjoyable, and I appreciate the practical tools/exercises–backed up with scientific research–the author provides. Some of the stories that are included were very uplifting and serve as a great example of how people can overcome their challenges or, in some cases, how they can live in very uncomfortable/terrible conditions and, nonetheless, remain positive and happy.