A book about more than just simple ways to spark a romantic relationship


When doing book reviews there is a fine balance between providing a lengthy/thorough review and providing a short, concise review that sums up a book in a few brief statements. So, in this review, rather than choose just one way, I will provide a short review as well as a long review of, “The Honeymoon Effect.”

The short review - If you have ever had a relationship: good, bad or otherwise, or if you ever intend on having a relationship, then the information in this book will be of interest to you. I quite enjoyed Bruce’s writing style and learned a great deal about myself and relationships in general.

The long review.
In his latest book, “The Honeymoon Effect” Bruce Lipton once again employs a relaxed style to blend experiences from his personal journey with scientific processes to explain why it is that we so frequently sabotage our relationships. This s not a ___ step book to finding love, this book is designed to make the reader aware of the internal processes, most of which are unknown to us on a conscious level, as a means of making more loving and positive connections.

In a manner that is interesting, and often entertaining, Bruce illustrates how the body and brain behave when in different emotional states. The information is presented in a manner that can be easily understood by someone who has never taken a biology class (that would be me). There is nothing overwhelming in this section of the book and it is relatively short.
The next component of the book, and perhaps the section that contains the most crucial information, is the section on how it is that the conscious mind, full of good intentions, can be overwhelmed by the programming existing in our subconscious mind. Many people might not realize that it is the subconscious mind calling the shots 90% of the time. This means that all of our conditioned responses in relationships are often calling the shots without us even being aware of it. In other words, the captain of the love boat is only at the helm 10% of the time and the other 90% of the time the “computer” is running things.

This is not to say that we did not have a role in our failed relationships, this is simply saying that the programming in our subconscious mind played a large part in how our relationships unfolded and how they continue to unfold. By becoming aware of our “hidden programs” we are empowered and can make the changes we need for finding relationships that are positive and life affirming.

On a final note, with Bruce being so willing to self-disclose, I believe I should do the same. I have to admit that normally I do not seek out books related to building “loving relationships.” I know that many people enjoy these books and they have benefited from reading them; however, in my experience I found that many of the books I encountered were very general and the changes they suggested only dealt with conscious-mind issues. The changes that occurred, if any, would only have a temporary benefit. Now, having read, “The Honeymoon Effect” I understand that changes made to the conscious mind, even with the best of intentions, do not overcome the programming running in the subconscious mind. In order to truly have fulfilling and nurturing relationships one must become aware of the programming behind the scenes and then re-write it to be in alignment with our greatest desires. In simple terms, if we wish to have the feelings of love and joy that we experience in the initial moments of a loving relationship, if we wish to experience this “honeymoon effect”, we need to have harmony between four minds not just two.