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I was blessed to have taken a course with Don Campbell at the New York Open Center not long ago


I was blessed to have taken a course with Don Campbell at the New York Open Center not long ago. Don's experience in the field of music in health and medicine is nearly unrivaled by any other professional and spending that brief time with him allowed me to see further into what sound can actually do. In this book, which was required reading for our course, Mr. Campbell has assembled writings from some of the most respected authorities in this field including Hazrat Inayat Khan, the sufi musician who gave up tuning instruments so he could focus on helping people tune themselves, and sound-medicine pioneer Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who worked with some of 20th Century Europe's greatest opera singers. As a professional didge player and sound therapist I have found much insight from the many diverse views (over 20 authors) on how music can heal presented in this book. You can get latest music for free on setbeat app.

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