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Medicine & Compassion is an important book. It should be required reading for physicians, medical students, nurses, caregivers, and hospice staff. Every family should have it on their bookshelf. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and even non-religious people will benefit from this book because the ideas are about the human condition which transcends all differences of faith. In a word, this book is a treasure.

We all grow old, get sick, and die. Impermanence, uncertainty, and sorrow permeate our very existence. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and David R. Shlim, M.D., answer the important questions of why we get sick and to how to respond with compassion and mercy, when illness or impending death are at hand. One could say that it is a manual to understanding our own nature and mortality.

The narrative tone of the book is intelligent and merciful - never sugary or overdone. I could really feel the subtle, yet vibrant life energy of the book as it conjured forgotten images and feelings. It caused me to reflect on the end of life care that I administered for my parents and brother. I was able to see what was good and what was lacking in my care for them, without feeling a sense of regret. In fact, I gained a sense of optimism for the future.

As a writer on Buddhist healing, I found this to be a perfectly cut gem. Its words and inferences reflected the light of wisdom. I found it an invaluable tool for encouraging the sick and suffering. I was especially impressed with the author's end of life guidance in the chapter "Easing the Process of Dying." As a Buddhist for more than 30 years, I've read many works on death, dying, and the bardos. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and Dr. Shlim explain this subject in a way that can satisfy the average person or the spiritually advanced. Most of all, the reader will be inspired to improve their own life and mind.

I highly recommend this book. Just as an outdoorsman needs a compass, so too can this book guide one in challenging times.


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A doorway into your Natural State, beyond ego, and then back again to embody the truth in the world. Priceless!


This is an amazing course. In 2000, after 20 years of inner work, I had a spontaneous awakening experience of the natural state that turned my sense of self and the world inside out. I wish I had had this course to guide me through the aftermath of that experience. This is the course I have been waiting for all those years to help me embody and embrace what I saw. It helps explain how things really are and leads you there, and then beyond ego all together and back again. If you are seeking a way into the truth of reality, and way to embody it in the world rather than escape from the world then this could be a doorway to it for you.

Reggie Ray is a very effective teacher and he takes Vajrayana Buddhism and makes it truly accessible. Ray is a teacher in the Kagyu lineage and I also follow the Kagyu lineage via Garchen Rinpoche and the combination of empowerments and blessings from Garchen along with the real step by step guidance from Ray have been very helpful. But Ray himself is a living embodiment of the linage and so you need go no further to access the lineage and the mind-soul-stream of this profound awakening tradition.

If you are hungry and ripe for the truth and it is burning inside of you, and if you are sick and tired of being your small self and know that you cannot improve it any further without changing the base programming so to speak, then this course can lead you there and help you see your way through the veil of consensus reality and the separate self-sense. It helps you clear the lens of perception.

Note: I listend to the first ten and last ten teachings first and then hit the real meat which is the meditations in the middle of the course. This was an effective way for me to approach it. Also, there is a lot of talk in this course. It is part of the process. By getting to know him you are moving into the mind-stream of the lineage. It is less about what he says and more about growing close with him, and slowly aligning with the view he embodies, the view of the truth of reality.

If you read this Reggie, and I feel like I know you very well now, thank you for this course. Thank you for sticking to your path these last 40 years and then speaking your truth. Your work here is a gift to the world. I have been waiting 13 years for this course. So thank you for creating it and helping to provide a clearer path for the unfolding of this journey into life, clarity and love.

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This is a really excellent book


This is a really excellent book that I would recommend to anyone. I particularly liked his explanations of how meditation can bring awareness back to the body and away from the thinking mind. Many people don't understand that, and make the mistake of thinking meditation is meant to be more mind based. Here, the expansion of awareness is not that of the mind, but of the body itself, and re-integration of the two creates a new form of unified, direct, "spiritual" perception. The intelligent aware presence of the body precedes that of the brain, and that is what his practices attempt to help us unveil. I suppose I appreciated the "theory" more than the actual practices in this book, which in themselves are not all that different from many other types of "body work" (some of which you might already make use of). But the theory is really important, because without it, the practices may not succeed in their ultimate purpose. To awaken from thinking, it is first necessary to wake up as a body. The body is a gateway to our deepest source of awareness. 

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If you are drawn to it, just get it and read it soon


30 years ago this book along with a lot of reality, changed the path of my life. I was in a small book store and for some reason a limited edition pocket version of this practically flew off the shelf at me. I think the title "Sacred path of the Warrior" made sense at the time because I felt like the effort it took to endure the personal change I was faced with felt like nothing short of Warriorship. I like to think that Trungpa Rinpoche "threw the book at me". There are endless things to be said about this book, the path of human being as Trungpa Rinpoche guides it, and our whole existence on planet earth. If you are drawn to the book for any reason I would recommend not hesitating. Buy it now and dive in.

On an aesthetic note- the size, shape and covers of this edition are really special.

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Deep and fantastic material


Master Chogyal Norbu is a Spiritual Genius. I've read over a dozen of his masterpieces including this one. It takes an Enlightened Being to present information that comes from mystical experiences as opposed to merely an informative intellectual bases. I've incorporated several practices with satisfactory results. I'm surprised by the negative comments but then water always finds its own level. 

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