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honest and frankly humorous journey is an excruciatingly beautiful lesson in life change and as such makes it ...


Whether you have experienced bereavement or not, the intensity of reading Adam Golightly’s heart rending, refer: online soundcloud to mp3 converter, honest and frankly humorous journey is an excruciatingly beautiful lesson in life change and as such makes it identifiable to all. Harriet Green (formerly of The Guardian) was right in saying ‘We are all Adam.’ Those familiar with ‘The Widower of the Parish’ will no doubt immediately recognise Adam’s unique writing though this book is a deeper more insightful and hugely brave sharing of his deepest pain and courageous grieving which is moving him, and those around him, forward without leaving behind. Bravo Adam and thank you.

I love this book!!!! I wish there were more stars to give....


I love Tama! I have read all her books and she does not disappoint with this latest offering. Refer: read paradise kissmanga chapters for free. So I purchased this book the day it came out and now almost two weeks it is beaten up and underlined throughout. The reason is that I love to savor her work and I take my time absorbing all her wisdom. I enjoy her insights and stories regarding facing uncertain times, times of change and just life in general. She is so funny and has me laughing along with her. Her teachings reflect the principles of a Course in Miracles and offer a fresh perspective on how to make it through uncertain times. You will not be disappointed.

Some Gems to Be Found in These Pages


For many this book will be difficult to read and follow. You have to kind of treat each chapter as its own book and pick and choose what you need to take away from it. Overall the premise is a good one. We are inundated with "experts" in every profession when what we need is fresh blood and new innovative thinking. If you can get past the parts you don't like there are gems to be found. Refer: read paradise kissmanga chapters for free



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A lot of wisdom in this book!


I stumbled into this author and thus this book from an article I read entitled, "What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital"... Refer: play five nights at freddy's free. Excellent read, by the way. As a student and practitioner of shamanic energy medicine, I am enthralled with the simple wisdom of Somè's lineage and tradition and I love the many parallels to other traditions and modalities. His writing style is quite eloquent and yet easy to follow; an excellent story teller. If you're on a seeking path or enjoy learning about other cultures and communities, I highly recommend.

Practical and useful


I have owned this book for over a year and don't do the exercises frequently, but after doing two today I'd like to recommend this book as a practical way to prepare your body for physical exercise, and to increase your flexibility and balance.

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As a professional gardener still working part-time at nearly 62, keeping my body flexible and strong is a major concern. I'm also a musician and I'm aware of how much a warm-up period helps muscles move more freely, with less strain and chance of injury. I use foot massages, for instance, to relax my muscles prior to stretching.

What this book does is both draw your attention to a particular part of the body and use the images of movement, without the actual movement itself, to affect the muscles in that part. You read the paragraphs telling your what your foot or shoulder might do, how it might move, and that's all.

After doing the first exercise today, on my right shoulder, I bent over to see if I noticed a difference between how far my right arm stretched down and my left. Yes, my right was definitely three inches or so closer to the ground. Then I waited about five hours and tried stretching again. The effect had continued, I was still more relaxed and, therefore, more flexible on that side.

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