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Monthly Moon Phases

Planetary Ingresses and Lunations Sept 2018 (all times PDT)

Sept 5th Mercury enters Virgo 7:39 pm

Sept 6th Saturn stations direct 4:10 am

Sept 9th Venus enters Scorpio 2:26 am

New Moon Sept 9th 17’ Virgo 00 11:01 am

Sept 10th Mars enters Aquarius 5:56 pm

Sept 21st Mercury enters Libra 8:40 pm

Sept 22nd Autumn Equinox Sun enters Libra 6:55 pm

Full Moon Sept 24th 2’ Aries 00 7:52 pm

Sept 25th Chiron retrograde enters Pisces 5:12 pm

Sept 30th Pluto stations direct 7:01 pm

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Due to her intensive retreat and book tour schedule, Danielle Blackwood will be on hiatus September and October.

Moon phases