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Banyen regularly carries about 20,000 book titles from publishers large and small, as well as thousands of audio, music, oracle, and video titles. If you want us to stock your title(s), or would like Banyen to promote or present your titles better, please contact us:

  • for titles you want us to carry, send all product details—with descriptions, reviews, cover image (at least 300 x 300 jpg image)—to It may be a title we add to our stock, or list as a special order item. What you send will help our webstore present your products more accurately and completely! Thanks for helping us offer the strongest and brightest works in our fields. (You might notice errors or omissions on our website for your titles. To help us see and fix them, email
  • mail us an advance reader or review copy, with promo blurb and distribution details, to Banyen Books & Sound att: Kolin, 3608 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6R 1P1.
  • Branches of Light - Spring 2012Banyen publishes Branches of Light, a 48-page review journal each spring and fall. We review over 200 titles each issue, and circulation is 11,000 (5,000 mailed to existing customers, mostly in British Columbia and western Canada). We do accept space advertising in Branches of Light: please contact or phone 604-629-2190 for more information. You can download our most recent issue of Branches of Light from the left sidebar.  We really do appreciate and rely upon our partnerships with publishers and co-creators.
  • Blossoming newsletter - August 2012Banyen also publishes Blossoming, a monthly e-letter which reaches over 9,000 subscribers. We describe upcoming events, with selected reviews, news, poetic quotes, an astrological "cosmic weather report," sales and other features. We also accept e-ads in Blossoming. Contact for more information.
  • Some publishers provide co-op advertising allowances, which is a way they partner with us in helping promote their titles to our communities. Some do it by offering us a per-title-reviewed credit or payment of about $75 to $100, annually budgeted based on our last year sales of their titles. For co-op advertising enquiries, contact



If you are author of a book, it's been published either by an established publisher or by self-publishing. If your book is with an existing publisher, you can suggest that your publisher contact us (see Publisher above). You can also contact us directly to see if we will carry your book. But please read this orientation first.

Banyen regularly stocks about 20,000 books. Almost all of them come from about a hundred publishers or distributors. With so many titles to keep track of, we need to buy books from existing distributors wherever possible, and so we strongly encourage you to use one or all of these distributors (and ensure they are offering it to stores at a regular trade discount of 40% or more). Ideally, you've already done that, and so we can consider carrying your book immediately. Here is a short list of distributors we buy from:

In Canada:

Dempsey Distributing (Vancouver, BC) - an excellent body-mind-spirit wholesaler

Red Tuque Books (Penticton, BC) - distribution for small publishers and self-published books

Quanta Distribution (Toronto, ON) - metaphysical / lifestyles wholesaler


In the United States:

New Leaf Distributing (Atlanta, GA) - largest metaphysical body/mind wholesaler in USA. They offer many options to help you promote your title and get it into stores

Ingram Wholesale (5 warehouses around the U.S.) - largest general wholesaler in USA



Self-publishing is an increasingly popular choice for many authors faced by the labyrinthine (and sometimes too slow) ways of traditional publishers. There are many options for self-publishing which can be researched online. If you have self-published your book, congratulations on taking the leap! Now, how will your book find its readers or get into stores?  How will you promote it so people know about it and want to read it?

Getting it distributed is essential. Please contact the distributors above to arrange wholesale distribution to bookstores across North America. Ideally, by the time you approach us at Banyen to consider carrying the book, it will already be stocked by a distributor we regularly use.

Bringing Your Brilliant Self-Published Opus to Banyen to Sell: We do make exceptions where necessary to buy one or a few titles from a new supplier (you). While it's extra work for us to order single titles from yet another supplier (we already buy from hundreds of them!), in some cases we just can't resist, and so we'll set you up as a supplier and make an initial order. However, these cases are rare; far more self-published titles are declined than accepted, and we always strongly encourage self-publishers to have larger distributors carry their titles.

We may accept your self-published books on consignment. This is how it works: If your book is not distributed through a wholesaler, and/or we have declined to buy it as a regular self-published book, consignment is possible. We have created this arrangement so that you, as author and publisher, can make your book available at Banyen.  It must reasonably fit into one of our subject fields.  For us to set it all up, you will pay us $75, with your application, and a single gratis review copy. You set the selling price, and give us 40% discount off that. We will enter you as a supplier, enter the book into our system, and initially order some to stock in the store. You will promote the book to your networks and friends, saying Banyen is carrying it.  As we sell them, we'll pay you and order more! We will commit to carrying your book for 9 months. Then, at our option we can continue with the consignment arrangement, or convert you into a regular supplier, or have you pick up your books (paying you for any that have sold) and thus end the noble experiment.

To discuss placing your books on consignment at Banyen, please contact:


We love to offer  hand- and heart-hewn beauties in so many flowering forms: notecards, altar statuary, medicine offerings, healing tools, natural fibre arts, musical instruments, herbcrafts, jewelry, etc. If you would like us to consider carrying your work, it's best not to just "drop in," but rather to contact us first (include images, weblinks, etc.) . Contact Karen McMahon at