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AMANDA OSWALD is a leading UK myofascial release specialist. With a background including advanced bodywork and cognitive hypnotherapy, she takes a mind-body approach to healing chronic pain. Oswald is a member of the International Fascia Research Society. She is a regular attendee and speaker at international symposia and complementary therapy events. In addition to her clinic work, she runs fascia workshops teaching self-help for chronic pain.

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Living Pain Free

Healing Chronic Pain with Myofascial Release--Supplement Standard Medical Approaches with Simple, Effective Exercises You Can Do Yourself
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Paperback Book

An essential self-help guide to treatment of chronic pain based on myofascial release

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Little Book of Self Care

Trigger Points: Use the power of touch to live life pain-free
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Hardcover Book

New science has revealed the effectiveness of trigger-point massage to target chronic pain. Pain is often referred from other parts of the body. By locating and manipulating small contraction points of knotted tissue deep within muscle (trigger points), pain elsewhere in the body can be dramatically relieved and controlled.

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