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Ahmad Nasr

Described by The Economist as "puckish" and by WIRED as a "formidable speaker," AMIR AHMAD NASR is a veteran digital activist turned author, entrepreneur, and culture hacker. He regularly sheds light on one of the most important emerging trends of our time: how tech-savvy Millennials are hacking business, culture, religion, and politics.

Known as the cheeky voice behind the acclaimed sociopolitical blog The Sudanese Thinker-which he wrote anonymously until the revelation of his identity five years later during the Arab Uprisings of 2011-Amir has shared the stage with Nobel Peace Laureates, former presidents, and fellow activists, and has been featured by The New York Times, The Guardian, The Weekly Standard, The New Yorker, BBC, Al Jazeera, and France24, amongst many others.

He's a digital nomad and travels internationally very regularly. He writes

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My Isl@m

How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind - and Doubt Freed My Soul
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Hardcover Book

Amir Ahmad Nasr is a young Muslim man with something explosive in his hands: a computer connected to the Internet. And it has the power to help ignite a revolution and blow apart the structures of ignorance and politicized indoctrination that too often still imprison the Muslim mind.

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