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Nessa, also known socially as The Bazaar Bohemian's purpose is to live her best, most authentic life...then she"ll probably live it two, or three more times. Born in the Mojave Desert, California, her love and respect for creative expression has been essential to her wild spirit. After moving to the Bay Area, then Maryland and Los Angeles, growing up in such diverse surroundings, she developed a unique perspective on life and appreciation for the power of staying open: open to other beliefs, to other cultures, and to self expression. Constantly inspired to share positive energy, along with positive imagery, she uses her social media platforms as a source of nourishment and activism through creative energy. A result of her global travel and cultivating an online community that engages souls all over the world, she is constantly inspired to provide a diverse visual story through her lifestyle collective​ the​ ​bō'hēmian​ ​brands. She actively provides space for the black and brown community to collaborate, connect, and create. A firm believer in family, she is forever grateful for her close relationship with her mother and sister who encourage and support her creative work.

Aaron, artistically known as SReal, is a creative polymath presently based in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently receiving a BFA in Drawing & Design from Old Dominion University, Aaron utilizes his passion to create works that depict POCs with an extraterrestrial, near-godly grandeur. His work portrays this through an Afrofuturist and/or metaphysical lens as a way to bring positive representation to POC in genres they are historically limited from as key protagonists or contributors. As a graphic and industrial designer, Aaron works with talented and positive people with the intent to innovate creatively, socially, technologically, and environmentally. Aside from artistic endeavors, he loves reading up on the biggest mysteries and universal understandings of the day, traveling, working out, healthy eating, and a good sci-fi flick here and there. Aaron's greatest motivation is to shine brighter, love more radiantly, and continue living in gratitude of all of the experiences that presently greet him.

Nilsa Salgado a.k.a Nillyfoshilly. Since she was young, Nilsa has always been intrigued by overlooked beauty and untold stories. Endlessly captivated by the vulnerable and honest stories people have shared with her along the way, she was inspired to acquire her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling by the age of 24. Her curious disposition and social justice background in the human services and mental healthfields uniquely qualifies her to uncover, highlight and curate narratives of Brown Bohemians. She has worked at her passion project Soulpick (a digital space for expressive and sensitive souls on Instagram) for five years and briefly produced a podcast interview series titled Soulpick'd. Nilsa credits her Brown Bohemian partners Nessa & Aaron, family (momaroo and poparoo), & bookachow Johnny Tarajosu for their continued support throughout her journey with this special project.

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Brown Bohemians

Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community
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Hardcover Book

Brown Bohemians is a photo book that captures the essence and stories of an otherwise underrepresented demographic. It seeks to reclaim the authors' validity as bohemians in a world where when one hears that label, brownness and blackness isn't necessarily the imagery it evokes.

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