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CAROL DODDalways wanted to grow up to be a writer of childrens books, and now she is one (although she's not entirely sure she has grown up). Over the years she has paid the rent by working in schools, libraries, bookstores, and gift shops. She lives in Hawaii where she loves to watch fish in the ever-changing ocean.

ERIN HUYBRECHTS-DAVIS has been an artist her entire life. A wanderer, traveler, philosopher,and naturalist, Erin has a constant stream of new ideas for producing works of art. Born in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and now residing in Colorado, the mountains and woods have served as a constant source of inspiration.The majority of Erins artworks contain elements of nature:animals, plants, weather, and ecosystems.

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Everything Changes

And That's OK
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Hardcover Book

Change is all around, but it can be overwhelming! Explore how change exists everywhere in a way that is natural, and even beautiful, in this vibrantly illustrated book with fun rhyming couplets, for children ages 3 to 7.

The moon is full, but then its gone,
chased away by the dawn.

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