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Carol Gilligan is a psychologist and writer who lives in New York City and in the Berkshires. Her ground-breaking book, In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Womens Development, has been translated into eighteen languages. With her students, she co-authored and co-edited four books on womens psychology and girls development: Meeting at the Crossroads, Between Voice and Silence, Making Connections, and Women, Girls, and Psychotherapy: Reframing Resistance. At Harvard, where she was the first Graham Professor of Gender Studies, her award-winning research led to the founding of the universitys Center on Gender and Education. She is now University Professor at New York University.

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Birth Of Pleasure

A New Map of Love
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Paperback Book

The Birth of Pleasure is a revolutionary new work that can transform our beliefs about love, pleasure, human possibility, and ourselves. Carol Gilligan’s earlier book In a Different Voice showed how women’s voices change the conversation about self and morality.

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In a Different Voice

Psychological Theory and Women's Development
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Paperback Book
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