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Cassady Cayne is an author and coach in the field of love and relationships. With an academic background in psychology and history, Cassady is a natural intuitive and channel of Spirit. She was thrown into spiritual awakening head-first, experiencing a powerful Kundalini triggering that released latent psychic abilities and turned her life upside down--unleashing her soul's path of bringing love and self empowerment to others.

Cassady's teachings on transformational love coaching through energy healing and mindfulness have already reached out to and assisted hundreds of thousands of people on their life's journey. Cassady works with a combination of vibrational alignment, energy clearing tools and energy upgrades, methods from Jungian psychology, mindfulness, and Akashic Record clearing to help individuals and couples get past blocks and negative patterns to find love and wholeness both within themselves and in their relationship.

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Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?

111 High-Vibrational Oracle Messages on Love, Healing, and Existence to Unlock Your Inner Light
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Paperback Book

An uplifting collection of channeled messages from the Universe to inspire and guide you to find love within yourself and in relationships, which can be read from cover to cover or used as an oracle.

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