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Clare Goldsberry is a life-long student of religion and a spiritual seeker who has embraced an eclectic form of theology that spans the ages from Hinduism and Buddhism, to the philosophies of the Ancient Wisdom teachers and forward to the science of quantum physics. Her journey also included working with elderly people and those suffering from illness, and whose beliefs and fears about dying and death often cause grave suffering. After helping her significant other, Brent go through eighteenmonths of living with and eventually dying from esophageal cancer, she wanted to share not only his story of fearless living and graceful dying, but to include the broader picture of what living fearlessly and dying gracefully means for all of us. As a Hospice volunteer for two years after Brent's death she became acutely aware of just how important it is not only for the dying person to understand living and dying but for the person's family as well.

She is the author of two previous books: A Stranger in Zion: The Theology, Psychology and Sociology of Utah Mormonism, which won the 2001 Arizona Book Publishers Award for Best Religion Book, and The Teacher Within: Finding and Living Your Personal Truth.

Richard Smoley is editor of Quest: Journal of the Theosophical Society in America. His twelve books include Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition ; Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism ; and The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe. His latest book, The Truth about Magic, was published by G&D Media in February 2021.

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Illusion of Life and Death

Mind, Consciousness and Eternal Being
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Paperback Book

From ancient sages, spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, philosophers including Plato and Seneca to modern-day quantum physicists, life-long student of religions and spiritual traditions, philosophy and quantum physics, Clare Goldsberry, walks us through the mystery of death and dying, as well as the questions of the meaning and purpose of lif

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