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Dean Sluyter (rhymes with lighter) has spent a lifetime learning authentic methods of natural meditation from Eastern and Western sages and making them accessible to thousands of students, including prisoners, tech innovators, filmmakers, high-school students, and entrepreneurs. He has completed numerous retreats and pilgrimages in Tibet, India, Nepal, and Europe, and for decades has led workshops throughout the U.S.

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Fear Less

Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction
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Paperback Book

Less Fear, More Lifea Practical Guide

These days there's so much fear in the air, you can almost taste it—along with all the varieties of anxiety, anger, and addiction that grow out of it. How can you navigate your way through the fear and confusion, and find your way to peace?

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Natural Meditation

A Guide to Effortless Meditative Practice
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Paperback Book
Theres no trying in meditation.

Just as water runs naturally downhill just as leaves float naturally to the ground we can all settle naturally into meditation. Not trying, just allowingnot doing, just being.
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