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Ellias Lonsdale is a bridge to Aquaria. Using Star Genesis Wisdom, he is able to navigate the soul to the past, present, and future in order to help one connect with the totality and multidimensionality of life. His writings, teachings, and insights are revolutionary as well as revelatory for the coming age. The author of four books, including Inside Star Vision, and forthcoming soon, The Christ Letters. He lives in Kilaue, Hawaii with his family.

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Book of Theanna

In the Lands that Follow Death
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Paperback Book

The Book of Theanna contains a collection of letters written by Ellias, which he began transcribing from Theanna (formerly Sara Lonsdale), his wife and twin soul, shortly after her death. They communicate and commune through a sacred impulse that rises from the Earth and descends from the Heavens.

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