Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz

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Felicia Cocotzin
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FELICIA COCOTZIN RUIZ(Tewa/Xicana) is a curandera and Indigenous foods activist whose work is deeply rooted in the healing properties of sacred plants. Sharing the Medicine of the People, Felicia weaves together stories of Indigenous wisdom with the intention of her dishes, applying "Culinary Medicine," as named by one of her Maestras.

Curanderas are traditional healers, who carry knowledge of foods, herbs, and other cultural remedies working with the body, mind, and spirit. Curanderismo has been practiced throughout the Americas for over five hundred years, with each healer offering a unique skillset applying their natural gifts, training, or cultural practices. With permission from her elders, Felicia shares her work with others through private consultations, workshops, and ceremony.

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Earth Medicines

Ancestral Wisdom, Healing Recipes, and Wellness Rituals from a Curandera
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Hardcover Book

An accessible guide to time-honored Indigenous wisdom, healing recipes, and wellness rituals for modern life from an experienced curandera.

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