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Geoff Mead is an author and storyteller who acts as Director of Narrative Leadership Associates. He has previously published Coming Home to Story 9781908363015 with JKP.

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Bear Child

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Hardcover Book

'Now that people live in towns and bears live in the woods, have you ever wondered what happened to the bear folk?'

At bedtime Ursula asks Daddy to tell her the tale of the bear folk: special beings who can choose to be either a bear or a person, depending if they want to catch a fish or read a book.

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Gone in the Morning

A Writer's Journey of Bereavement
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Paperback Book

An exploration of death, bereavement and grief. This first hand account gives Geoff Mead's experience of responding to the loss of his wife from a brain tumour. Giving insight into the grieving process and how Geoff learned to manage his grief, this book will offer hope to anyone experiencing something similar.

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