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Heidi Smith is atherapist, student, and teacher.Seeking answers on healing and spirituality that went beyond the mainstream,she found her teacher and mentor, Jane Bell. Heidis commitment to healingbloomed, prompting her to leave New York and her career in magazine publishing. She began three years of academic and personal studyin Massachusetts and New Hampshire, completing her masters in mental health counseling. Returning to New York, she apprenticed with Claudia Keel, an herbalist and flower essence practitioner, and started working toward a degree in Herbalism. Launched on the new moon in July 2014, Moon & Bloom is the culmination of Heidis personal and professional work around integrative healing. She assists in the healing process by means of understanding the whole person and the natural world through what she calls the Divine Feminine model of consciousness. Her approach blends the scientific with the spiritual, allowing clients to access greater healing on the physical, psychological,and astral planes. She enjoys regularlytaking as well asteaching classes and workshops that deepen her connection to herself, others, and the Universe. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

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