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Jean Houston,Ph.D., is the bestselling author of fifteen books, including The Possible Human and The Search for the Beloved, and an internationally renowned psychologist, scholar, philosopher, and teacher. She is the co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research in Pomona, New York, and founder of the Mystery School -- an institution dedicated to teaching history, philosophy, the new physics, psychology, anthropology, myth and the many dimensions of our human potential. A consultants to the United Nations, UNICEF, and other international agencies, Houston presents transformational workshops to people and organizations all over the world.

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Wizard of Us

Transformational Lessons from Oz
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Paperback Book

In The Wizard of Us, evocateur of Social Artistry and elder mythic “mapper” Jean Houston takes us “under the hood” to discover the powerful, unique skills and qualities of “Dorothy,” “the Wizard,” and the other archetypes of mind, heart, and courage that live within and through each of us.

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