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Jean Marie
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Jean Marie Herzel is a self-taught artist, specializing in watercolors and hand-painted drums. After a life-threatening illness in her late 20s, she left her career as a librarian to pursue her life-long dream of being an artist, focusing on the flora and fauna of Nature. Through her artwork, she found a pathway to a deeper understanding of life and Nature. The founder of Nature Spirit Art, she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Nature Spirit Tarot

A 78-Card Deck and Book for the Journey of the Soul
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Tarot + Oracle Card Set

Weaving the wisdom of the Tarot with the vastness and mystery of the natural world, this 78-card, full-color deck by artist Jean Marie Herzel offers the complete Major and Minor Arcana interpreted through the lens of Nature and the infinite diversity of forms that consciousness displays on our home, the Earth.

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