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Little is known about the life of the writer behind the pseudonym Jean Mavric except that he was a prominent figure in occult and alchemical circles in Paris in the early twentieth century. He was affiliated with Papuss cole hermtique, where he taught courses in Hermetic philosophy and astrology, and was also an active member of the Socit alchimique de France, a group of practicing occultists devoted to the study and revival of alchemy. Jean Mavric also wrote under the pseudonyms Jean Blus and Jean Petit, the latter of which appears to corroborate occult bibliographer Albert Louis Caillets assertion that Jean Mavric was the nom de plume of Maurice Petitjean.

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Hermetic Herbalism

The Art of Extracting Spagyric Essences
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A never-before-translated occult classic that brings the science of herbal medicine back to its Hermetic roots

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