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Jez Hughes, founder of Second Sight Healing, is a British shaman who has worked full time as a healer for over a decade. He was initiated on the path through a 17-year struggle with mental illnesses and convulsive fits which he used shamanism to cure himself from. He now teaches and initiates people from the heart of the woods in the south of England. He also runs workshops across the UK and Europe. His work has featured on BBC radio, Channel 4 television and in national media. He is also an astrologer, published poet and has worked as an actor.

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Wisdom of Mental Illness

Shamanism, Mental Health & the Renewal of the World
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Paperback Book

This book explores how the ancient path of shamanism can help us to understand the nature of mental illness, recasting psychological breakdown as a potentially transformational experience. What we label as pathological could actually be an initiation into a better relationship with ourselves and the world.

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