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Dr. Joanne Cacciatorehas a fourfold relationshipwith bereavement. She is herselfa bereaved mother: her newborn daughterdied on July 27, 1994, and that single tragicmoment catapulted her unwillingly onto thereluctant path of traumatic grief. For morethan two decades, shes devoted herself todirect practice with grief, helping traumatically bereaved people onsix continents. Shes also been researching and writing about grieffor more than a decade in her role as associate professor at ArizonaState University and director of the Graduate Certificate in Traumaand Bereavement program there. And, in addition, shes the founderof an international nongovernmental organization, the MISS Foundationdedicated to providing multiple forms of support to familiesexperiencing the death of a child at any age and from any cause, andsince 1996 has directed the foundations family services and clinicaleducation programs.

Cacciatore is an ordained Zen priest, affiliated with Zen Garlandand its child bereavement center outside of New York City. She is inthe process of building the a care-farm and respite center for thetraumatically bereaved, just outside Sedona, Arizona. The care-farmwill offer a therapeutic community that focuses on reconnecting withself, others, and nature in the aftermath of loss through gardening,meditation, yoga, group work, animals, and other nonmedicalizedapproaches. All the animals at the care-farm will have been rescuedfrom abuse and neglect.

She is an acclaimed public speaker and provides expert consultingand witness services in the area of traumatic loss. Her research hasbeen published in peer-reviewedjournals such asThe Lancet,Social Work and Healthcare, andDeath Studies, among others.

She received her PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincolnand her masters and bachelors degrees in psychology from ArizonaState University. Her work has been featured in major media sourcessuch asPeopleandNewsweekmagazines, theNew York Times, theBoston Globe, CNN, National Public Radio, and theLos Angeles Times.She has been the recipient of many regional and national awards forher empathic work and service to people suffering traumatic grief.

She travels quite often but spends most of her time in Sedona,Arizona, with her family and three rescue dogs. She also has threehorses that are part of herRescue Horses Rescue Peopleequine therapyprogram.

Dr. Jeffrey Rubinis among the leading authorities on the integration of meditation and psychotherapy. Hes theauthor ofPracticing Meditative PsychotherapyandThe Art of Flourishing. He lives in New York.

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If you love someone who may die, this book is for you.

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