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Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad are co-authors of The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power. They have written and taught together since 1974 on evolution, spirituality, relationships, values, awareness, yoga, and social issues. Their Web site is

Joel Kramer, the author of The Passionate Mind, did post-graduate work in philosophy and psychology and was a resident teacher at Esalen Institute (1968-1970). He is a pioneer and legend of modern American yoga whose evolutionary vision of yoga freed it from its authoritarian roots, re-visioning it for the West.

Diana Alstad, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, received a doctorate from Yale University in 1971. She taught in the humanities and initiated and taught the first Women's Studies courses at Yale and Duke. She envisioned the Yoga of Relationship and developed it with Kramer.

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Passionate Mind Revisited

Expanding Personal and Social Awareness
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Paperback Book

The Passionate Mind Revisited takes readers on a liberating inner journey that can transform the way people look at themselves and the world. This expanded inquiry reflects the authors’ own and the world’s evolution since The Passionate Mind came out in 1974.

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Guru Papers

Masks of Authoritarian Power
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Paperback Book

This major study of control and manipulation in everyday life links the role of authoritarianism in cults, psychotherapy, twelve-step groups, relationships, and national politics.

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$24.95 CAD