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Ethnobotanist JONATHON "SPARROW" MILLER WEISBERGER was raised in Ecuador and the U.S. He has collected over 2,000 herbarium specimens, including first-time collections of several new species. From 1990 to 2000, Jonathon lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon among five indigenous nationalities, and was influential in the creation of three reserves including the Napo-Galeras National Park. He participated in the demarcation of Huaroni territory and in groundwork that helped the Secoya people retain a significant tract of their ancestral homelands. He is the executive director of the Council for Cultural and Biological Diversity (known in Latin America as Fundacin OSA), supporting rainforest conservation and cultural heritage projects in Ecuador and Costa Rica. He is the steward of Guaria de Osa Ecolodge (, a rainforest and ocean discovery and education center on the remote Osa peninsula, Costa Rica. The author lives in Guaria de Osa, Costa Rica.

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Rainforest Medicine

Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon
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Paperback Book

Elegantly and respectfully chronicling the practices, mythologies, and earthy and celestial wisdom of the vanishing traditions of the upper Amazon, Rainforest Medicine features in-depth essays on plant-based medicine and indigenous science from four distinct Amazonian societies: deep forest and urban, lowland rainforest

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