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Dr. Judy Mikovits spent twenty years at the National Cancer Institute, working with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founding fathers of human retrovirology, and has coauthored more than fifty peer-reviewed
scientific papers. She co-founded and directed the first neuroimmune disease institute using a systems biology approach in 2006. Dr. Mikovits lives in Southern California with her husband, David.

Kent Heckenlively, JD, is a science teacher, attorney, founding editor of Age of Autism, and writer for Bolen Report. Kent and his wife Linda live in Northern California and have two children, Jacqueline and Ben.

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Case Against Masks

Ten Reasons Why Mask Use Should be Limited
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Do we really need to wear masks? From theNew York TimesBestselling authors ofPlague of Corruptioncomes the must-read guide on masks and re-opening following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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