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The author of over a dozen books,Kate West(United Kingdom), has become the U.K.'s most successful author on Witchcraft. She is the recipient of a Lifetime Contribution to Witchcraft award and has been recognized as the most popular factual writer on Witchcraft by Children of Artemis, the fastest growing Witchcraft organization in the U.K. and Europe. Formerly the Vice President of the Pagan Federation, West remains active in the Wiccan community, speaking at international Witchfests and contributing to magazines. She is High Priestess of the Hearth of Hecate and lives in North Norfolk.

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Real Witches' Craft

Magical Techniques and Guidance for a Full Year of Practicing the Craft
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Paperback Book
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Real Witches' Handbook

A Complete Introduction to the Craft
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Paperback Book

This grounded introduction to witchcraft separates the Hollywood myth from the everyday reality, with all the practical advice you need to follow the Witch's way. Join renowned Witch Kate West as she explores beliefs, practices, festivals, and folklore. Discover spells, charms, healing potions, affirmations, and herbal magic.

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