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Kenan Rifai was the director for Provincial Directorates of National Education in various Ottoman cities and a high school principal. Due to the tutelage of the great sheikh Hamza Rifai, he became a teacher of Islamic mysticism and Sufism at Altay Lodge. Victoria Holbrook is a distinguished scholar specializing in Ottoman studies and the translator of East West Mimesis: Auerbach in Turkey. She lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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Commentary on the Spiritual Couplets of Mevlana Rumi
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In this commentary of Rumi's Masnavi, Kenan Rifai (1867-1950) clarifies the narrative line, comments on symbolic implications, and connects Rumi's verse to passages from the Qur'an, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, and the sayings and poems of Sufi masters in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.  It is this rich multilingual texture that
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