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At the time of this books writing, Shimabukuro Masayuki Hidenobu was an 8th dan (8th degree black belt) in Shit-Ry karate-d, a member of the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame, and technical adviser to the Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai, Japans most prestigious martial arts organisation. During his lifetime, he trained thousands of students on four continents in the art of karate-d. Leonard J. Pellman has been training in classical Japanese bud since 1965, and currently holds the rank of 5th dan in Shit-Ry karate-d.Together, Shimabukuro and Pellman have written several articles on karate-do and other martial arts for Black Belt and Inside Karate magazines, as well as the books Katsujinken: Living Karate (published by JKI, Inc.) and Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ry Swordsmanship (published by Blue Snake Books).

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Karate as the Art of Killing

A Study of its Deadly Origins, Ideology of Peace, and the Techniques of Shito-Ry u
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Grounded in a comprehensive overview of the philosophical and spiritual foundations that underlie karate, The Art of Killing emphasizes its original purpose: to kill an attacker swiftly and brutally.

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