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MARIANNE BENTZEN is a psychotherapist and trainer who provides trainings throughout Europe, specializing in the ways that neuroaffective personality development - the maturation processes of brain and personality - can inform treatment and interpersonal process work. In Denmark, she works with psychiatric facilities to improve process and case supervision, and consults for mental health organizations internationally. For the past twenty years she has worked closely with psychologist Susan Hart to develop the frameworks of Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology, Personality Development, and Psychotherapy. She is a co-founder of Bodynamic Analysis, she has worked with Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) for decades, and she has trained with many other leading figures in the field of body psychotherapy, including Ron Kurtz (Hakomi), Albert Pesso (Psychomotor Training) and David Boadella (Biosynthesis). Bentzen also studies mindfulness and meditation practices under Jes Bertelsen. Her work on neuroaffective development and psychotherapy has been published widely in several languages. Her website is

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Neuroaffective Picture Book

An Illustrated Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology
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Paperback Book
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Neuroaffective Meditation

A Practical Guide to Lifelong Brain Development, Emotional Growth, and Healing Trauma
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Paperback Book

Reveals how meditation can be used for emotional growth, releasing trauma, and accessing inner wisdom

Shares 16 guided meditations for neuroaffective brain development and emotional maturation, along with links to online recordings

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$24.99 CAD