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Prince Matila Costiesco Ghyka (1881-1965) was a Romanian mathematician, historian, philosopher, and diplomat, who served as the Plenipotentiary Minister in the United Kingdom during the late 1930s. He was also a visiting professor of aesthetics at the University of Southern California and at the Mary Washington College in Virginia. His previous books in English include The Geometry of Art and Life and an autobiography, The World Mine Oyster. Though his prolific literary output includes fiction, poetry, and philosophy, the overarching concern of his work was a synthesis of higher mathematics and the arts.

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Golden Number

Pythagorean Rites and Rhythms in the Development of Western Civilization
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Hardcover Book

The first English translation of Ghykas masterwork on sacred geometry

Reveals how the Golden Number Phi underlies the spiritual nature of beauty and the hidden harmonies that connect the whole of creation

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