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MIA KALEF is the founder of Emerging Families, a program of therapy, education, and research for the pre- and perinatal period. She works with families throughout the childbearing years to resolve the effects of pre- and perinatal challenges, and with adults retrospectively. She is a lifetime member of the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health and is in private practice in Vancouver, Canada. The author lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Secret Life of Babies

How Our Prebirth and Birth Experiences Shape Our World
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Paperback Book

The Secret Life of Babies reveals how humans are sentient before conception and throughout gestation and birth, and presents scientific evidence and case studies that show the effects that these prebirth and birth experiences have on personal health and social development.

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$19.95 CAD

It's Never Too Late

Healing Pre-Birth and Birth at Any Age
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Paperback Book
$26.95 CAD