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Michael Lim cofounded an online eyewear brand at the age of twenty-one, which is now one of Australias largest eyewear chains. However, early transformational experiences with psychedelics inspired his fascination with the fungi kingdom and prompted a career change. He now dedicates his time to researching fungi, psychedelics, ecology, and anthropology.

Yun Shu is dedicated to the study of consciousness and uses language and culture as tools for connection and healing. Born in Shanghai, she was exposed to the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and fungi from a young age. After a successful career in corporate strategy in the banking sector in both Sydney and London, she turned to spiritual inquiries through Vinyasa yoga teacher training.

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Future is Fungi

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Hardcover Book

This timely book is for anyone
seeking to better understand
the great promise of fungi and
their various applications
within food, medicine,
psychedelics, and
environmental remediation.

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