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Michael A. Rodriguezis a full-time non-dual coach who works with people in private sessions, offers satsangs here and abroad, and leads retreats. He has a bachelors degree in English literature from Saint Leo University, a masters degree in Irish literature from Trinity College, Dublin, a masters degree in comparative religion from Harvard University, and a PhD in English literature from Florida State University. Rodriguez taught at the university level for sixteen years. He has published scholarly articles on Samuel Beckett and has given many talks at national and international academic conferences on topics such as modern literature, aesthetics, and psychology.

Foreword writerJoan Tollifsonis author ofNothing to Grasp,Painting the Sidewalk with Water, andAwake in the Heartland.Her first book,Bare-Bones Meditation, was published by Bell Tower in 1996. Tollifsonwrites and talks with people about the living reality here and now. She has an affinity with both Buddhism and Advaita, but belongs to no formal tradition. Her approach is simple and down-to-earth, pointing beyond concepts and beliefs to the immediacy of direct knowing and being. Tollifson has lived in Northern California, rural New York, Chicago, and Southern Oregon. Her main teacher was Toni Packer, but she spent time with many other teachers as well.

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Boundless Awareness

A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening and Freedom from Suffering
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