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MICHAELA BOLDY is a registered nurse, certified aromatherapy practitioner, certified infant massage instructor, and mom of four young children and has taught aromatherapy, anatomy, and physiology in the San Francisco Bay Area. After successfully incorporating aromatherapy in her own childbirth, she founded Michaela Boldy Aromatherapy, to sell the two essential oils blends she had created for herself--these blends were given a successful clinical trial in a Californian hospital where they were proven to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety both alone and alongside regular invasive childbirth procedures and/or pain medication. The blends were later sold in local hospitals and online and will soon be available from Elizabeth Van Buren. Boldy now lives in the UK.

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Essential Oils for Childbirth

Using Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress, Alleviate Anxiety, and Lessen Pain with Any Birth Plan
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This easy-to-understand guide helps expecting mothers use the healing power of aromatherapy to improve the childbirth experience

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