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Monika Bulaj, Polish photojournalist, reporter, non-fiction writer, documentary film-maker and TED fellow based in Italy, is exploring the borderlands of Monotheism, the nomadic tribes, the minorities, the migrants, the outcasts, the dispossessed in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa and Caribbean. She published as a freelance photographer and writer withLa Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, GEO, National Geographic, The New York Times - Lens, TIME Lightbox, Courrier International, Al Jazeera, RevueXXII.

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Where Gods Whisper

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The result of long journeys in which, for years, the author went through the countries of the world where religions coexist, Where Gods Whisper documents the last oases of encounter between faiths, free zones where Jews, Muslims and Christians pray together or together rebuild monasteries destroyed by wars, where the chain of revenge has

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