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Niko Rittenau is a dietitian, vegan, and social media celebrity. His first book, in which he demystifies vegan nutrition and debunks myths and common beliefs, was an instant success. For his second book, he is teaming up with chef Sebastian Copien. Together they created a modular system of ingredients to ensure the supply of nutrients when eating a plant-based diet.

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Niko (April 2020):
YouTube: 55,000 +, Facebook: 21,000 +, Instagram: 54,000 +, Newsletter: 8,000 +,

Sebastian: (April 2020)
Facebook: 25,000 +, Instagram: 10,000 +, YouTube 4,000 +, Newsletter: 12,000 +,

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Healthy Vegan

A balanced plant-based diet backed by nutritional science
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Hardcover Book

More than 90 vegan recipes and variations guided by nutritional science.

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